April 23, 2019

The Best Electric Guitar for Fingerstyle Blues

Are you a fan of expressive sounds? If yes, the sound of the blues will sweep you off your feet. The blues guitar is among the most high-octane music styles with a full list of sub-genres like Delta blues, blues rock, jump blues, etc. The best electric guitar for fingerstyle blues is a difficult choice to make. Some players are fond of hollow bodies and some want solid ones. Check out the list below to get a deeper insight into top 9 electric guitars for fingerstyle blues:

If you’re someone who likes their audio output to be packed with an additional contemporary edge, having traditional roots, the PRS Custom 22 is one of the best blues guitars out there. This guitar has a mahogany neck and body with an abundant dosage of intrinsic boom and vibration. This six-stringed guitar displays a 25-inch length, the brand’s signature flying bird embellishments and a fingerboard crafted out of rosewood. With a powerful sound is under the user’s control, it is essential for the more gentle jazz and blues genre. If you’d like for this guitar to play rock and metal music, this is possible with a few setting changes and key adjustments.

The Les Paul is a vintage blues instrument and is comparatively affordable as is proven by the well-known Les Paul Standard from Epiphone. The blues tone you adore so much comes from a couple of humbuckers arranged at the neck and bridge location with multipurpose controls designed for every kind of music style. Its construction is exceptional and flaunts the classic design of a Les Paul. The body of the guitar is crafted from mahogany and the mahogany neck has unlimited playability for greater comfort. The solid components have secure tuners and the conventional bridge is a Tune-o-Matic. It is an excellent instrument for blues and a versatile piece suitable for any style of music.

These guitars play a style reminiscent of a genre of blues and are a powerful type of resonator guitars. This one is a combination of metal and wood and plays a distinguishable sound with an edge to it. The G9200 Boxcar is a resonant instrument with a mahogany body and neck. With a huge booming sound which packs a punch, the tonewood combination has a gentler side that works beautifully with slide guitar and blues music. Other remarkable features include a spider bridge, a scale length of 25 inches, an AmpliSonic cone and a fingerboard designed out of rosewood.

The Affinity Telecaster from Squier is debatably one of the best most affordable electric blues guitars out there. A Tele is a great choice for the blues and has a fine body crafted out of alder which is a characteristic related to more costly instruments. It plays blues rock music well owing to a couple of single-coil pickups. There is quite some space for auditory improvements thanks to the Volume and Tone handles as well as the pickup selector. This is a marvelous deal for the price listed.

If you’re a follower of unusual choices, the Airline Bighorn Red is just the instrument for you. The guitar has an unforgettable sound, so if you want a change from the classic guitars this might be your choice. This piece has a maple neck, a 24.75-inch scale length and a set of double Airlyne pickups. It also has a truss rod for neck modifications and an advanced bridge. The sound is suited for the wild blues genre of music. The sound is punchy, strong, rich and somewhat melodious. This instrument is recommended for more daring blues guitarists.

This instrument is an indisputable classic and has a customary combination of three pickups. The body is crafted out of alder with a maple neck and fingerboard, and a 22 frets pack. It also has a classic style tremolo along with a gleaming urethane polish. It plays the classic rock and blues notes well and the sound is brilliant, zestful and warm.

Lesser known to be a typical blues guitar compared to other guitars on this list, this model has been used by many musicians and guitarists to play the blues. The neck of the guitar is best suited for those who prefer effortless access to high sounds or notes and also has a mahogany body. With traditional controls and TOM combined with titanium saddles, this is a great-looking blues guitar.

This guitar is popular in the music industry and a lot of famous guitarists and musicians have used it. It has a double-cutaway body crafted out of mahogany, a neck made of mahogany which reminds you of the 50s, a fingerboard designed in rosewood and a Tune-O-Matic bridge with a tailpiece. This instrument can be used for a wide range of genres, but rock and blues are the ones it has been used for most often.

This guitar has a maple neck and maple top, sides and back. It also has a fretboard crafted out of bound ebony, an ART-1 bridge, and medium frets. This is a semi-acoustic guitar built to play any genre of music you desire. With pickups mounted into a block for increased support and feedback exclusion. It has secure access to notes which are higher. The Super 58 Custom Pickups present even and refined tones and the raucous texture of blues music. The Ebony Fretboard has Art star fret edge treatment which supplies tense response and effortless left-hand finger-playing. It also has a bone nut which gives rich tones. The antique amber finish of this guitar is beautiful.

Characteristics of a High-Quality Blues Guitar

There is no one particular type of blues guitar out there. Solid and hollow-bodied guitars must have an intensity and clarity and you don’t want extreme features- there are few people playing blues on a contemporary shredder with efficient pickups. An instrument with a vintage touch in both appearance and sound will give you a terrific blues sound. On acoustic guitars, blues will always sound better on tones with mellowness. Guitars made of cedar or mahogany are recommended with a well-built top, which will get better with age. An excellent choice would be a top-quality resonator too, if you’re on the lookout for a slide to play with. We always want our instruments to be long-lasting, dependable and prized dearly. If you have the budget to purchase an expensive guitar, go ahead with this one.

The Best Guitar for Blues Guitar Playing

Anyone of the above-mentioned guitars will suit well as an electric blues guitar. Factors like the size of the guitar and hand size will affect the manner in which you play and enjoy playing. If you are looking for a guitar for blues playing, you will know which is the best to choose. Try it out to see which one works best for you and also think about how you played and how genuine it felt. Almost every guitar available could a blues guitar and personal choice plays a key role here to choose the one which suits you best.

Which Works Best? – Electric or Acoustic for Blues Playing

What kind of blues music are you looking at playing? Are any blues guitarists your favorite? What kind of guitar do they use? These questions will not give you the definitive answer but will aid you in getting to the level where you know what you require. The music genre or type, style, and vibe you are choosing will play a key role in your decision.

Attributes Your Blues Guitar Should Have

You could think of a thousand of characteristics that your blues guitar should have but they really won’t matter. The most popular blues guitar players had awful guitars, to begin with, and these were just the ones they could afford or get their hands on. If given the choice, get the best instrument out there, but don’t deliberate on it too much. Buy the guitar which you will enjoy playing the most, and that is most definitely the one which will make you stand out.

In conclusion, we can say the above-listed guitars will give you some brilliant blues tones. The way the guitar feels is important and the way the player connects with it is the most essential factor. It’s a fact- some guitars will feel good and the others will probably not. It’s a personal and individual thing. You should visit a guitar store and spend time there to look for a guitar that feels just right. Hold the guitars and try out the ones they have on display. Every guitar is constructed differently and has a unique feel – you can’t make that out from images, videos or pictures. Test certain things out for yourself.  Do this if you want to purchase a guitar you will love playing. Have an open mind and choose what feels best to you. Try out all the models they have to offer. The best electric guitars for blues are those you feel a deep connection with and will enjoy playing.