April 4, 2019

The Best Crescent guitars

Guitars are intriguing things with their shiny wooden bodies, taut strings, knobs, and frets. Every youngster wanting to look cool wishes they knew how to play the guitar. Guitar playing is associated with rock music, rebellion, friendship, and romance. guitar playing is difficult and takes a lot of dedicated practice to master the art. So, if you are a beginner and are looking forward to learning how to play the guitar, the Crescent Brand guitars are an ideal choice for you. These guitars are specially designed for beginners and are available at affordable prices.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best Crescent guitars available in the market.

Best Crescent Guitars to Buy

The brand, Crescent Guitar, makes several guitars especially aimed at beginners. They are low priced and usually come with a starter kit. Here we will review a few of the Crescent Guitars and help you decide which one is best suited for you.

The Crescent MG38-BK is a perfect Acoustic guitar for beginners. It comes with a starter pack which includes spare strings, a pick, guitar case, and strap. The guitar body is made with Linden Binding and includes geared tuning. The wooden body and steel strings bring out a loud and bright tone which helps the beginners to understand if they are playing correctly. This guitar is ideal for playing Rock, Country, Jazz, and Blues. This amazing guitar also comes with a Pitch Pipe Tuner and Crescent Digital E-Tuner. Now you’ll always be on tone! For the ones who like to match their dress to their guitar, this Crescent guitar also comes in different colors like Black, Blue, Green, and Brown, etc. This is a beginner’s guitar and is priced reasonably. Try playing with this guitar, if playing feels nice, you can always upgrade to a better expensive guitar.


  • Starter Kit includes bag, strap, pick, strings, etc.
  • The guitar comes along with Tuner
  • Price
  • Available in different colors


  • The guitar quality is not the best and is prone to damage
  • The string quality is not up to the mark

If you are one of those people who want to try their hand at playing Bass, then this Crescent 43” Electric Bass guitar is a perfect choice. Beginners of every age can play it and comes with a starter kit. This kit consists of a guitar case, shoulder strap, clip-on bass tuner, spare strings, and a set of picks. The guitar is made of basswood with a Maplewood neck and has 20 frets which make it easier to play. The guitar also features pickups- Split P-B P/U along with volume and tone controls. The most attractive feature of this guitar, especially for young beginners is that it is available in different colors. For the price at which it is selling, this Crescent 43” Electric Bass guitar is a steal. It can easily be played at home or at a jamming session with friends. At 9 pounds, it is not heavy and can easily be ported. Strum away with this 43” Electric Bass guitar and give in to your musical instincts.


  • Price
  • The guitar comes with a complete starter kit
  • Has volume and tone controls
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors


  • The guitar body is susceptible to damage
  • The tone of the guitar could have been better.

Another great guitar from Crescent is the EG39- TB Electric Guitar. This Electric guitar is 39 inches and is suitable for beginners and intermediate players. The guitar comes with a glossy wooden body and an all-inclusive starter kit. The starter kit includes a guitar bag, shoulder strap, picks, extra strings, Tremolo bar, and a digital E-tuner. This is a right-handed guitar with a single coil pickup. The neck is made of Maplewood while the fretboard is Rosewood. This guitar does not include an amp, and it is advisable to use one while playing. The guitar’s quality features bring out the bright clean tone of single coil pickups and are a great buy. The Crescent guitars are priced much lower than other beginner guitars making them a clear winner when it comes to getting your first practice guitar. Once you feel confident playing on this guitar, you can exchange it for a refined version with more features and controls. This electric guitar is simple to play with no complicated controls.


  • Price
  • The guitar comes with a starter kit
  • guitar includes a Tremolo bar
  • Single coil pick-up


  • This electric guitar does not include an amp.

After the 43” version, Crescent also have a full size 46” electric bass guitar. It differs from the 43” guitar not just in size but also in color and specifications. This 46” Crescent guitar is available only in Pink color! Also, it comes with a starter amp and amp cable. It is ideal for beginners who want to do small gigs. This starter pack which comes with the guitar have all the essentials like guitar bag, shoulder straps, picks, extra strings, and E-tuner. The guitar also features a split P-B P/U pickup and controls for volume and tone. The guitar can easily be played by beginners and professionals though the pink color might not appeal to many. This is a handmade guitar made with good quality material though available at a price lesser than other guitars with similar features.


  • Price
  • The guitar comes with an amp and amp cable
  • guitar includes a starter kit


  • The Pink color might not go well with professional players
  • The tone quality sounds artificial, especially on the high notes.

These are the top 4 Crescent guitars in the market we recommend if you are a beginner and still figuring out the nuances of guitar playing. All the above guitars are easily available online on Amazon and other online retail shops. Buying a guitar online is cheaper than buying it from shops as the online retailers provide a lot of discounts and offer along with the latest reviews about the product. Hopefully, the guitar buying guide above will help you get the right guitar for yourself.

Why should you play the Guitar?

Some might think guitar playing is just a hobby which people pursue hoping to look cooler and smarter. This might be true but recent scientific studies have proved that playing the guitar helps you in more ways than you can imagine. Let us look at some positive influences it brings in our lives.

1) Popularity in Social Circles

People who know how to play the guitar have a slight edge over others as they have the power to get everyone together for a jamming or music session. They are perceived as smart and cool by others in the social circle and become the center of attraction. If you enjoy playing the guitar, it might just get you a few extra smiles along with the satisfaction of playing a good song. Now all you need to do is learn how to play well!

2) Increase Concentration Power and Memory

All those days spent in mastering the finger movement over the fretboard will never go to waste. All the finger movement and strumming only help you increase your concentration power. Playing the guitar needs discipline and focus and with these cognitive strengths developed, you can achieve so much more in life. So pick up that guitar and strum!

3) Master the art of Multitasking

They say the key to success is multitasking and you can learn this right here in your home. Playing the guitar requires you to look at the notes, co-ordinate the finger and strumming, keep a tab on the tempo and sing a song in rhythm if required. Managing all these together to bring out a beautiful song is nothing but the masterclass of multitasking.

4) Stress- Buster

guitar playing can act as a great stress buster for those days when you feel down and out. Playing a nice melody can help you lift your mood and make you feel happy. A good rhythm has the power to turn your frown upside down. So, from now on, if you ever feel sad or depressed, pick up the guitar and strum away. The more you enjoy while playing the guitar, the faster will be the mood boost.

5) Musical Career Choice

If your adolescence wish of playing the guitar has now transformed you into a professional guitarist, then you have an entire plethora of opportunities in front of you. One can play professionally, release songs, join a band, and teach guitar playing and a lot more. You can easily mix your passion with your career and you end up getting paid for what you love doing the most! Things cannot get better than this!

Now with so many reasons to play the guitar and with great options available for beginners, waste no more time- book your Crescent guitar today!