April 4, 2019

The Best Mini Guitar Pedals You Can
Put Your Foot On!

In modern times, an important marvel is the size reduction of guitar pedals. Most pedal manufacturers are busy with it, launching smaller boxes, which perform similar functions as their larger brethren, in a smaller version or form, giving the guitar player some invaluable board space. Are you looking for some of the best mini guitar pedals out there? Here’s a list of the top 10 mini guitar pedals to get you in the groove!

All good things come in small packages. If you take into consideration factors like adaptability of the TonePrint system and the complete range of delay tones, it gives you will find that this box is interesting. This is a small- sized delay pedal that fits the most crowded pedal boards. Guitarists adore the authentic Flashback delay and what you get is a similar range and utility in the TC Electronic Flashback Mini. There are several options – you can save TonePrint tone settings created by professional guitarists or even make your own original tones with the TonePrint editor software which is free. This small version has a lot of potential. With a vast range of delay effects, it also has FX level controls, delay and feedback to allow you to design your sound in the way you want. This one has innovative components with an attractive design and easily slips into the list of the best mini guitar pedals.

This one is the most emulated and reproduced stompbox ever launched in 2015 in a mini construction. When you buy one, you can use it as a loaded overdrive or boost and know more about this phenomenal guitar pedal. It is one of the most well-known and used pedals available today. Endorsed by hard rock and metal players for its ability to bring out innovative, new tones and is ideal for use along with live bass and drums. The often-emulated Tube Screamer tone is available in a small version with the Ibanez TS Mini Tube Screamer.

One of the most highly rated overdrive pedals; this one is well-known for its rich growls and effective touch sensitivity. The Mini Tube Screamer has the acoustic staying power that has made it a necessary piece of equipment in several guitar gears. No matter how crowded your board is, you will find space for the Ibanez TS Mini Tube Screamer. Durable and stage ready, the compact design will easily fit onto your pedal board. It also has a vast range of tones available from three easy controls. So, improvise on your tone with this marvelous mini guitar pedal.

The sound is like the outstanding Demeter Tremulator, the Wave Shaker is modeled for enthusiasts of customary amp tremolo and this one is very versatile owing to four controls. This is a mini guitar pedal which reproduces some of the most natural sounds. It offers great value for money. It is equipped with speed, bias, depth and volume controls and also has a switch with LED display. It also has a True Bypass footswitch for tone clarity with an aluminum-alloy case to resist wear and tear. Also, it has an exceptional tremolo which has similar sound effects as a Fender tube amplifier. Which gives you warm tones and the volume control is a stand-in for any drops in volume. The speed and bias knobs offer excellent options. Reasons enough for this to be featured in any best mini guitar pedals list.

If you are without the amp reverb and require only a solo reverb live sound, this is the perfect compact solution. Use this pedal’s TonePrint technology and transmit separate reverbs or devise your own personalized sound. It gives you the reverb sound you require while also saving room on the pedal board. The Hall of Fame Mini plays trademark reverb styles produced by some of the leading guitar players of the world. You will find exceptional reverb styles such as Plate, Spring, Room, and Cathedral.

This super-compact pedal gives you outstanding reverb tones on your board. Thanks to TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology, you can save several styles of reverb to your mini guitar pedal. It lets you choose the right reverb sound from the expansive TonePrint library. The TonePrint editor app lets you make your own personalized presets. The one-knob construction makes it user-friendly. The True bypass safeguards your tone when the effect is not in operation. This unique pedal gives you the reverb sound you require without compromising on space!

This mini guitar pedal has a good range, three voicings and an inductor which makes it more multi-skilled than its larger kinfolk and it plays great with many other pedals owing to its true-bypass switching. The Dunlop Crybaby Mini is one inclusion in NAMM 2015. It is small and compact compared to the legendary original Cry Baby but presents the same vintage tones to add richness and nuance to solo tracks. If you want equipment which is compact, go for this one. This gives you the renowned Dunlop tone in a compact, mini package. It is half the size of the original version and is ideal for pedal boards which are crowded and performances with less stage room. They also equip it with the customary Fasel inductor which offers traditional tones. You get full tonal control on this one.

If you want a skillful pedal which is the ideal size for any equipment, then you will want to try out the Dunlop Cry Baby Mini. The top-rated features include three fabulous tones, classic Italian-style inductors, same robust design in a compact package. This pedal is equipped with three unique and usable tones which give you a wide range to choose from. These sounds encompass the entire palette of pedals that Dunlop creates.

Another excellent feature is the true-bypass switching which makes this pedal a must have on any guitar player’s list. You get some fabulous tones of the 60s from the Italian-made inductors. These inductors are the reason for the pedal’s trademark sound but were not available for many years. Now the brand has brought them back and put them on this pedal so you can get lush and richer sounds that have comprised many enduring recordings. It’s durable and robust design is awe-inspiring and can stand up to many years of abuse. This mini pedal requires an AC adapter or battery of 9-volt.

It is built with the same technology as the iconic Ross compressor, with a handy dry blend control, along with 15dB of boost power and a DIP switch to manage the force. Found on the pedal boards of some of the most famed guitarists, this mini pedal is the perfect choice for those who value transparency. The SP Compressor is efficient at bringing out some of the most harmonious and faultless tones. Other features include the blend control, three compression switches and dip switches which work in a unique combination to give you the best sound. Xotic, the brand was created in a garage in California in the nineties and in a short time became famous for superlative bass guitars and preamps.

Today the pedal range has been expanded, and the brand is designing stompboxes owned by some of the most legendary guitarists in the industry. The brand’s popular pedals include the RC Booster, AC Booster, and BB preamp pedals. There are high, low and mid settings for compression available too. The SP Compressor is on its way to becoming a time-honored pedal and is sure to go down as one of the best mini guitar pedals ever!

This pedal comes with 11 modulation effects, which is just right to have effects without spending so much on a more sophisticated and versatile unit. This mini modulator or pedal will give you a wide range of distinct modulation effects. There are three knobs on it for sensitivity, tone level, and depth. The tremolo is useful, and this pedal is also cost-friendly. So go on and add effects adaptability to your pedal board. If you have a tight budget, the Mod Factory may be the ideal choice for you.

Looping is automatic on this one. It also has 24-bit audio and limitless overdubs which mean you’re going to enjoy the music. The analog dry through and true-bypass won’t affect your basic tone. If the TC Electronic Ditto Looper is part of your guitar equipment, it’s effortless to produce some excellent sounds and high-scale performances. The Ditto Looper is a great choice for guitarists looking for a hassle-free experience with just a solo loop level control. You will hear top-grade tonal quality owing to the analog signal path which will keep your dry-tone unaffected. It is also user-friendly, produces great sound and has a tiny footprint. This is a compact and space-saving looper pedal for bass or guitar. It has true bypass circuitry which leaves your sound untouched. The loops are recorded as 24-bit audio.

Most people require a tuner and this pedal has a stylish design and melodious functionality. TC, the brand manufacturer has been successful in making this simple pedal alluring. It is equipped with 109 LEDs which are super bright. The guitar tuner is readable in any stage condition. Even during outdoor concerts, you won’t be on your knees beside your pedal board. It also has the accurate chromatic strobe tuner mode for tuning precision. You will be impressed with the one-strum method of the PolyTune 2 Mini pedal. Go get a unique experience with one of the smallest and brightest mini guitar pedals.

The polyphonic tuning on this one saves tuning time and this wonderful product is a gizmo that won’t fail to delight you. The PolyTune 2 Mini’s reading is intelligent and allows you to move from one string to another. Polyphonic Tuning lets you tune all your strings at one time, fast and precisely. It supports tunings like drop D and many others. The tuning is accurate with an exceptional display which lets you read the tuning for every string. The PolyTune 2 Mini’s Monopoly operation makes changing modes for tuning easy. It detects if you’re playing a single string or strumming and is automatic in function. It also switches modes you want to play in. You can select from a classic chromatic mode or a stroboscopic mode for solo-string tuning. The chromatic mode has a magnetic needle which slows down as you get closer to the desired tone.

The outstanding and immaculate LED display makes tuning so effortless and perfectly suited for any type of venue. This adaptable display comprises over 100 super-bright LEDs which offer visibility even in daylight. The onboard light sensors, this pedal will reduce the brightness or dim the display on dark floors, so that your pedal board is easily visible. This is an innovative function brought to you by TC Electronic. The display can shift easily between different tuning modes. Surely one among the best mini guitar pedals in the market.

This mini pedal offers 20dB of melodious and sweet sounds and is featured on a lot of professional level boards. This pedal’s function is crafted on the preamp level of the traditional EP-3 echo processor. Famous guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page used the same preamp to invent their studio sounds. The EP Booster pedal offers 20dB boost which will add a rich intensity to the tone. Its internal dip switches let you hone the boost frequencies and other settings. This pedal is highly recommended to hit your amp forcefully while adding a certain character to the tone. The true bypass switching takes away the effect from your signal path when detached. This pedal works on a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter. Xotic Effects, the manufacturers of pedals like the famous RC Boosters and AC boosters, BB Plus, and Robotalk have entered the effects world once more with a versatile small box. The EP booster offers 20dB of boost which is a volume booster that is crafted to be placed on the pedal board without taking up too much space.