April 4, 2019

9 Best Left Handed Electric Guitars

As per 2018 statistics, only 10% of the entire world population is left-handed. As the “leftie” population is the minority, there are few considerations for them. We have right-sided desks in school, scissors which are not designed to be used by left-handed people and many such items of torcher. Thankfully, the guitar manufacturers gave them a little thought and came up with Left-Handed guitars. Electric guitars are primarily a right-handed instrument but with their growing popularity, manufacturers are slowly coming out with electric guitars for the left-handed population. The famous left-handed guitar players from history are Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, and Kurt Cobain. Most of them played with right-handed guitars because of the dearth of options, but you need not be like them.

So, if you are a left-handed musician looking forward to buying your first electric guitar or your 5th, continue reading as we list down the 9 best left-handed electric guitars.

Left is absolutely Right!

Being left-handed has a certain negative connotation attached to it and novice left-handed musicians are encouraged to either play on right-handed guitars or change their stance of playing. But not anymore as we bring to you the 9 best left-handed electric guitars to choose from. Now play the way you like and strum along!

This Epiphone Les Paul Standard Left-Handed guitar comes with a Mahogany body, a Rosewood Fretboard, and white binding. It has Trapezoid inlays with a locking Tune-O-Matic bridge. The guitar features Epiphone Probucker 2 and Probucker 3 Pickups and allows for neck and bridge pickup volume with push/pull coil tapping. This ensures the guitar strums the deepest and the warmest sound with soul-stirring distortions. As with all Les Paul Guitars, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro guitar comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is the best left-handed guitars played by Professional musicians.

Verdict: This one is an improvised Les Paul guitar with deep rich tones and great looks.

The Gretsch Electromagnetic is a left-handed hollow-body guitar with dual “black-top” FilterTron humbucking Pickups and a Bigsby B6 Tailpiece which gives it the famous “twang”. This electric guitar also comes with oversized F bound holes and aged multiply body binding. The Gretsch is great for rock ’n’ roll playing as well as for Blues and Country Music. It is also much affordable than the other guitars within the same category, having the same look and tone, and thus comes out as a clear winner. At 6 pounds, this is not the lightest of guitars but is a versatile guitar for left-handed musicians.

Verdict: A versatile guitar with a great sound and available at an affordable price.

The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster is a limited-edition guitar and is a replica of the more expensive Telecaster made in the ‘50s. It comes with an Alder body and Maple Fretboard with three alnico V single-coil pickups. This Telecaster style guitar offers easy playability and a vintage sound at an affordable price. The guitar’s tinted neck gives it a very posh appearance which is not what you expect at the price at which it is selling. The Squier Classic guitar is ideal for beginner musicians and also for experienced guitarists. This limited edition left-handed electronic guitar is a balanced mix of vintage with modern features. This one is a great buy and a hard one to let go.

Verdict: Feels like a vintage guitar though is cheaper and great for beginners and professionals.

 Fender’s standard series guitars are one of the best out there and with their Fender Player series, they have just gone a notch higher. The Player series has a range of new features like the player series Alnico 5 single-coil pickups and a modern “C” shape maple neck which gives added comfort. The Alnico 5 Single-coil pickups help the guitar belts out the same classic fender tone but with more gusto and also allows the musician to play with a range of tones. The guitar is suited to a range of music genres. The Stratocaster style guitar is made with Alder wood and has a soft white finish giving it a very elegant and sophisticated look. The Fender Player Stratocaster has all the great features of a classic Fender guitar and has added a few modern specifications taking its performance to another level. If you are a Fender loyalist but are looking for some modern features, then this Fender Player Stratocaster is the perfect choice for you.

Verdict: Perfect for Fender fans as it gives the same look and sound along with some contemporary features.

The Fender American Professional Telecaster guitar is one of the classics and comes with an Ash body, Maple fretboard, Black scratchplate, and butterscotch blonde finish. The guitar’s new alnico V-Mod single-coil pickups produce a much stronger tone as compared to normal Telecaster guitars and also eliminate the hum associated with single-coil pickups. One of the guitar’s best feature is the treble bleed circuitry which ensures the tone of the guitar is kept even if the volume is turned down. The Fender’s Professional series guitar also boasts of having a new “Narrow Tail” Fret design which makes bending strings easy while keeping the guitar’s intonations intact. The Fender Professional guitar is a great mix of the modern and the classic vibes and a good choice for left-handed performers.

Verdict: A great blend of the old and the new along with some neat specs.

Ibanez is world famous for its hollow-bodied guitars loved by Jazz players everywhere. With its Ibanez Artcore Expressionist left-handed guitar, the brand has proved yet again that they are the pioneers of gifted craftsmanship and quality among electric guitar manufacturers. The Ibanez Artcore guitar comes with a Maple hollow body and an Ebony fingerboard. It is fitted with 2 humbucker pickups giving it the tonal range for blues as well as a rock without the usual hum. The 3 piece Mahogany neck is comfortable to play and gives easy access to the upper frets. The guitar can be played in a variety of musical styles and techniques. It is very affordable and is well suited for beginners and professionals both.

Verdict: A good guitar for the beginners and especially for Jazz music lovers.

7. Rickenbacker 330 Left Handed Electric guitar Fireglo

If you purchase a Rickenbacker 330 Electric guitar, you are transported to the elite group of people which includes John Lennon, Tom Petty, and Oasis among others. This makes the Rickenbacker Fireglo one of the most iconic guitars of all times. This guitar comes with a maple semi-hollowed body and neck with Rosewood Fretboard. The Rickenbacker Fireglo has high-output single coil pickups which ensure that you get the Rickenbacker sound albeit with a higher output to suit the modern music sensibilities. One of the best features in the Rickenbacker Fireglo Electric guitar is the Blend Control Knob. The new Blend Control Knob works as a tone blender as well as a volume equalizer for the bass pickup. The knob ensures that the bass can be lifted to the levels of treble pickup giving you a wide range of sounds to work with. It’s a genius idea and would find favor with many musicians. A great buy if you are looking for a versatile guitar with looks to match.

Verdict: An iconic guitar with great looks and sound but not everyone can afford it.

The Davison’s full size black electric guitar is the one you need if you want to learn the art of playing. It comes with a package which includes all the tools and guides required to learn how to play the guitar, like the pitch pipe, guitar strap, a cable and humbucker pickups. The 39-inch guitar is durable and made with top quality wood. It's comfortable for playing, doesn’t require much tuning, and produces good sound when strummed. The guitar has a complete maple body including the neck and fretboard. The tuners on the Davison Black Electric guitar are die cast and ensure they are kept in place while producing great sound. What makes learning to play on this Davison Electric guitar fun is the practice amp which includes an overdrive body.

Verdict: This is a complete package and is a perfect learning instrument for beginners.

The PRS SE left-handed guitar is one of the most popular guitars among musicians, beginners as well as stage artists. The PRS SE customized electric guitar has the famous PRS design and top-quality but at a much affordable price. The PRS SE guitar comes with a Maple top body, Mahogany bottom body, Rosewood Fretboard, and a Maple neck.  This guitar is a beauty with bird insets on the Fretboard and a molded tremolo bridge. It helps that PRS has a patent on the molded tremolo bridge. The other remarkable features on the PRS SE include tone controller with a push/pull option and three-way pickup switch. The PRS SE customized 24 electric guitar is the best option to pick if you are looking for a modern yet reliable, durable and affordable guitar.

Verdict: Trusted brand along with good quality, long lasting affordable guitar.

This is our choice for the best left-handed electric guitars. They are much more available in the market and you can make a choice based on what suits you.

The best place to buy left-handed electric guitars

It's no secret that there are few guitar manufacturers who come out with left-handed guitar and even fewer retail shops that have it in stock. The main reason being the lack of demand and clever marketing tactics. Also, it is expensive for the guitar manufacturers to come up with left-handed guitars and with sluggish demand, they lose their money rather than making a profit. The usual brick and mortar retail shops stock up mainly on right-handed guitars as those are what sell the most. Even if a customer comes looking for a left-handed guitar, their misguided sales team convinces the left-handed customer to buy the right-handed guitar. But things are changing and many online retailers provide left-handed electric guitars. It’s a great alternative to the brick and mortar retail shops as one can now research online on what kind of guitar they want. Then go for the best one in terms of price, ease of playing, durability and quality. The left-handed guitar players now no longer need to compromise and play on the right-handed guitar. The best left-handed guitars are available on Amazon and other online retailers. Buying a guitar online helps you understand all the main features of the guitar, it also lets you know the quality of the guitar via user reviews and sometimes, you can get a great deal via discounts and cash back. Unlike retail shops where the salesperson tries to brainwash you in buying the most expensive guitar even if it’s not the one you are comfortable with or wanted to buy. Online shopping has changed the way we shop, and it has helped musicians get the right instrument for themselves. Although online shopping does not give you the chance to hold the guitar and play it to see how comfortable you are with it, they give you the confidence to decide which one is the best for you. Many of the online shopping sites like Amazon give the option of returning the goods with no hassles if they do not match your expectation. The online shopping sites also provide a comprehensive review between various guitar models of either the same brand or in the same price category which you can never get in a retail shop. There are no longer any excuses remaining for us not to buy our left-handed guitars online. So, if you are not happy with the choices available in retail shops, do not forget to check the online shopping stores and you are bound to find the perfect guitar for yourself.

When the world is Right and you are Left

All the left-handed guitarist in the world would agree that when they started out and realized that the left-hand is their dominant guitar-playing hand, they had a tough time getting the correct guitar for themselves. The retail guitar shops try to sell right-hand guitars to the novice musicians by telling them they can play equally well on them. Well, a left-hand guitarist, like the famous Jimi Hendrix, might play on a right-hand guitar with some tweaks, though it would take time to get used to the idea. Earlier, because of the lack of availability of left-handed guitars, the musicians learned to play the right-handed guitars by flipping them or by tweaking their buttons and strings. It can be done but it won’t give you the comfort and satisfaction that a left-handed guitar would if the left hand is your dominant hand. It also doesn’t help that most of the electric guitars are asymmetrical with cutaways of different shapes and sizes. Flipping a right-handed guitar with a big cutaway might cause problems while trying to play the guitar.

To top it all, the music teachers also prefer teaching the right-handed way of playing the guitar and in that case, a left-handed beginner would either have to learn the right-handed style of playing the guitar or search for that elusive teacher who can explain the art of playing the guitar with the left hand. All the online music tutorials are also framed keeping in mind right-handed musicians and even the guidebooks favor the right. But, as the number of left-handed musicians is increasing, things are taking a turn for the good. For starters, we can buy left-handed electric guitars, online or in retail shops, which are just like their right-handed versions except for their wiring and neck direction. But, even after having a variety of options to choose from the left-handed guitars, there are a few things which you must check before you zero-in on a guitar. Read on to understand what you should be stressing on before you make that big left-handed guitar purchase.

Shopping guide for the left-handed electric guitar

So, now we have easy accessibility to the left-handed guitars but should you pick the one which looks the best or is the cheapest? The answer is NO. Before you invest your hard-earned money in a left-handed guitar, you should know the following essential checks.

a.    Guitar’s grip

It is essential that the guitar you buy has a good grip which feels comfortable for you to hold and play. If the guitar doesn’t have a good grip, you could not play it correctly. The guitar might keep slipping or you might not be able to press the strings properly due to a bad grip. No matter how exciting the guitar looks or what kind of amazing features it has, if it doesn’t sit right in your hands, you’ll never enjoy playing it.

b.    Try & buy

If you are buying the left-handed guitar from a retail store, then don’t forget to hold the guitar in your hands, mock play it, strum it, sit with it, and move around with it. This will help you get a feel of the guitar and how it sounds, etc. If it looks good, but it’s difficult to strum it, then you should look for another option. The idea is to buy the guitar which feels comfortable while your hands move naturally to strum it and no extra effort is required.

c.    The whole package

A good guitar should come with a few accessories which are important to have if you are a beginner and it's your first guitar purchase. Make sure the guitar you buy comes with a pack, extra strings, picks, guitar strap, amp, cord, wrench, and a good instruction manual. If you have access to these in your kit, you are all set to rock ’n’ roll!

Some other things you should keep into consideration, besides the above 3, before you reach for your wallet are:

1. Budget

Left-handed electric guitars are available in a wide price range. It's up to you to decide which one you want to go for.  The price is higher if there are modern features and based on the quality of wood being used. If you are a beginner, it's better to go for a cheap yet durable and good quality guitar, but if you are an experienced musician, then you should experiment with more modern features and go for a slightly expensive guitar.

2. Size matters

While choosing the best left-handed guitar for yourself, make sure you get the right size. If you are not comfortable with heavy, solid body guitars, go for a lighter one. Also, if you are young and small, ask for smaller versions of the left-handed guitars. If the size suits you, the rest will flow like music, literally!

3. Play the music

It's true that guitars can pay all kinds of music, though it is also true that some guitars are made specifically for one kind of music. This is the reason we have Jazz guitars, Rock ’n’ roll guitars, and guitars which are best for country music. You should be clear about what kind of music you want to play on your guitar and then choose the one perfect for that style of music. Ideally, hollow-bodied or semi-hollowed bodied guitars are best suited for Jazz, while rock ’n’ roll is played best on solid body guitars. Do thorough research before you write that cheque to buy your guitar.

4. guitar and its many parts

Before you check the online portal or head to that retail shop, it's important that you know of the various parts which make the guitar what it is. The pickups in a guitar are of two types- the single-coil pickup or the humbucker. The single-coil pickup is basically a wire looped around six magnetic pins while the humbucker has two sets of coils instead of one, which helps in eliminating the background hum which comes from strumming the guitars. Both have their pros and cons. While the single-coil pickup guitars emanate a clear yet twangy tone, the humbucker pickups give out a more deep and resonating sound. Select the guitar whose sound you enjoy the most. The neck and fretboard are equally important in a guitar. They can be made up of a variety of wood types and style. The different type of wood used, and the fret inlays impact the way the guitar sounds. Thus, it's always better to strum the guitar before you buy it.

So, this sums up on our information on which are the best left-handed electric guitars in the market and what you should look for while deciding on which guitar to buy. There is no right answer for the perfect guitar and it might happen that the guitar you felt most comfortable playing earlier, might not feel as good any longer. Our tastes in music change, our playing style changes over time and with so many new features being introduced every year, it's hard to satisfy yourself with just one guitar! The trick is to buy the guitar which feels the best when you hold it and gives out the right tone when you strum it. There is no proven scientific study which says left-handed guitarists are better or worse than their right-handed counterparts. The magic lies in playing the guitar correct and from your heart, everything else follows.

guitar has been one of the most iconic musical instruments of all times and has been associated with being cool, rock ‘n’ roll and some great times. There have been so many legends in the history of music who were known not only for their singing prowess but also for the fact that they made guitar popular among the youth. May it be Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles or even Bryan Adams. So, if you are one of those left-handed guitarists, still playing on a right-handed guitar, it’s time to change things. Go out there and get the perfect left-handed guitar for yourself and see how playing the guitar becomes much easier and enjoyable.