April 4, 2019

The Best Guitar Overdrive Pedal for Extra Effect

A lot of guitar players these days want to add extra effects for their sound. If you are unaware of this, listed below are some stellar pedals you will find available in the market today, which all have the sought-after and quintessential Overdrive feature. A lot of the finest overdrive pedals are unique and you will explore the missing factor in your equipment after getting an overdrive pedal. You will play any genre you like such as blues, rock or even others. It is a challenge to find the best guitar overdrive pedal available in the current market. They all want to attain a similar goal – to replicate the sound of an amp running at high volumes without the ringing noise in the ears. Read on to find the selection of overdrive pedals and take your pick of the best guitar overdrive pedal suitable for you.

The name of this pedal which the brand has chosen is very apt. This device brings the basic element of what this overdrive comprises of, in an improvised and dependable package. The design is based on the tube screamer and they’ve brought in their own infusion. JHS Pedals gave the traditional tube screamer a new look with a little edge. The tone will meet your requirements and it will have durable features. The factors which the Moonshine brings in huge numbers are clarity, versatility, and headroom. If you are a follower of tube screamers, ponder over this one. This could well be your best guitar overdrive pedal.

This brand presents an impressive pedal inexpensive as well. Their pedals will always be in demand and the brand will launch more pedals which are just outstanding. Overdrives are easy-to-make pedals and Behringer presents an affordable and efficient model. The OD300 stands for a combination of distortion and overdrive. This pedal is user-friendly and features a good range of tone-shaping abilities. It is a perfect fit for guitar practice and onstage concerts. Guitarists with a limited budget will love this one.

This brand is eager to connect with gifted musicians and collaborate with them to design pedals. The Dual Fusion overdrive results from a similar effort. This pedal is complicated and when you observe closely, you see that there are two sets of controls on each side. One side is shown as contemporary while the other is a more classic tone type. Integrating these two sounds is remarkable while the reliability of the mode’s tone is distinct as soon as you turn this device on. This one offers value for money if you’re searching for something that goes beyond tube screamers or basic designs which are alike.

When solo overdrive pedals were first presented, there were various types of designs available. One that became famous and rose to the top and stayed there for decades is the Tube Screamer. The company which manufactures these awe-inspiring pedals is Ibanez and the first model ever which they launched was the popular TS808 in the 1970s. You can get the reproduction of the similar classical overdrive which has molded the world of distortion. The brand has thought of bringing back the icon while keeping a few changes. This pedal in its updated and authentic form has been featured on the pedalboard of legendary guitar players which is all the evidence you require of its superior performance. This is a basic device with few controls and is incomparable. If you prefer classic guitar overdrive, this is the best guitar overdrive pedal for you!

The OCD has been referred to an overdrive pedal was on the sidelines and shifted to being the central attraction in a few days. The brand observed the market, got to know what the music scene required then and hit the bull’s eye with their OCD series of overdrive pedals. This is just one of the many models the brand has produced with similar overdrive and the essence of its personal character. The gain transition is exemplary. There’s a lot of it and it can be controlled. Be prepared to dial any tunes from a small sophisticated overdrive to a loud and heavy rock tune. Transparency of your signal will not affect it much and neither will its color.

There are a variety of Boss overdrive pedals available today. Some models are better than others and become iconic in a short time. It is yet to be seen if the OS-2 is on that list. The functionality and multi-faceted features of this pedal make it exceptional. It is also very affordable. As an overdrive pedal, it has the accuracy and build to fulfill your needs. Boss OS2 is among the most efficient and transparent pedals available today. It is well-suited for those on a limited budget who favor a versatile pedal. One of the best guitar overdrive pedals in the market.

The MojoMojo is a fascinating overdrive pedal which is also very affordable. It has a robust casing and has packed a lot more than the bone design which you expect to notice. It has a basic two-band EQ to run with, along with controls such as drive and level. There is also a Voice switch amongst these knobs. This affects the mid frequencies, letting the tones to be more defined or looser in that area of the musical range. You can dial in a complete range of tones with just this overdrive pedal. This one is an impressive stompbox designed only for the masses.

Some leading guitarists will tell you that this brand is renowned for its affordability. The SD1 is one of the simplest pedals when it comes to features and controls, as well as affordability, and plays loud tones which will make you grin helplessly. This pedal was created two decades ago and is one of the preferred choices in the current market. The overdrive it presents is well-balanced, loud but still caters to tastes and preferences. If you need a basic, simple, high-quality and dependable overdrive and have a limited budget, Boss SD-1 is one of the finest choices you can make.

If you’re searching for sound replication similar to vintage British tones, this is the one you should go for. The Muff’n is an efficient provider when it comes to that and is the leading choice for many guitarists. It is in fact, one of the finest overdrives available, even if you’re just getting to know its sound. It has vacuum tubes in operation and imitates the lushness of the legendary British sounds. The controls on this version feature Low, High and mid-tone modulation, and the Gain and Volume changes. It offers lush, rich sounds with the same tonal output when trying out the control settings. This is an impeccable pedal created by EH, designed for fans of traditional classic sounds, and is in a league of its own. It offers great value for money when you’re looking for something special- is it the best guitar overdrive pedal you’ve been yearning for?

More on Overdrive Pedals:

What is the Overdrive Effect?

Overdrives are a regular tone-shaping of contemporary electric guitars. They are suited for any musical genre which includes electric bass guitars and electric guitars. They are the first guitar pedals that guitarists buy. Overdrive was first found out when someone thought of guitar playing with tube amps. The tunes and sounds associated with overdrive were attained by pushing amp tubes way beyond their comfort territory. Once loaded, they would distort sound quality, and create overdrive. This is known to be the best option to get natural overdrive. Not all guitar players want to take their amps to such extremes routinely. That is when overdrive pedals come into the picture. Many manufacturers found a method to replicate the clipping effect and fix it into a pedal design.

Looking for a Good Overdrive Pedal?

The outstanding aspect of overdrives is that they don’t have to be complicated. Simple models are preferred and are better. When it comes to the essentials of a good efficient overdrive, it all depends on the internal circuitry. Every overdrive pedal available in the market today is designed after one of the many famous models. If you are a beginner, then you should think of buying the TS808 Tube Screamer from the renowned brand- Ibanez. It is a legendary pedal which has enough range and can be modified to work alongside different music genres.

How an Overdrive Pedal Works

Using an overdrive pedal may sound a complicated task. These pedals are simple to use. One of the well-known methods to use an overdrive is to plug it in, dial a value you prefer and go along with that. Once you think in an innovative fashion you observe that there is a lot more to these pedals.

To conclude, we have given you here a full list of choices when it involves your overdrive requirements. Some classic masterpieces were covered and updated models rich with range. Each pedal has certain qualities which cover the requirements of guitarists from various backgrounds. In case you want to know more about them, keep checking back here- we’ll keep updating this list periodically, molding itself to the ever-changing world of pedals and what they have to offer the user. One on of these is the best guitar overdrive pedal to suit your style and pocket. Expensive versions are boutique creations which have elegant circuitry and a bundle of other unique stuff- perhaps not really necessary.