April 4, 2019

8 Best Guitar Necks for Small Hands

What do you think would be the best guitar for you? You would be ready with a list of features to discuss such as sound, shape, style, etc. Just.0 as guitars come in all sizes and shapes guitar players also have distinct physical features. And if you look closely, it is not just the features of the guitar that matters; it is also of the guitar player. The height, weight, hand size, back strength, etc., play an immense role in selecting the right one for you.

But one feature that stands all out is ‘small hands’. Apart from them, there is a large population which faces the problem of small hands, be it kids, men or women. And they come with their own set of challenges. The chords feel unnatural in the hands and much more difficult than the normal ones. More than often guitar enthusiasts cannot unlock their full potential because of a lack of knowledge of the most suitable guitar for them.

With this article, we have embarked on a mission to identify a set of 8 best guitar necks for small hands, which deliver a quality far beyond the expectations. These set of guitars wait for your acknowledgment and consideration.

8 Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

The rundown below discusses the 8 best electric guitars for small hands. If you handle an electric guitar but have small hands, we are sure you would find one which suits you the best.

It may have ‘minion’ in its name but this one is sure a master of its class. This wonderful-looking instrument has a lot more which is caught at first glance. The appearance, the price, the feel, this model has everything going in its favor. Let’s talk about this guitar in a little detail:

You will catch a lot of eyes with this JS1X Dinky Minion model because of its availability in an exclusive color palette of Ferrari Red, Bright Blue, Neon Orange, and glossy black. This 22.5-inch beauty boasts of a solid poplar body with a modified Super Strat body. It is convenient to handle given it is a mere 2/3 of any regular sized guitar. Dinky Minion is comfortable to play either while sitting or standing up.

The bolt-on maple neck is slender enough to get your palm around it, no matter how small your hands are. Its star-studded neck flaunts a rosewood fret and 24 jumbo frets. With Jackson’s distinctive inlays, it is a complete package deal which would make you a full-fledged accomplished performer. The only concern one may have is the urgent need of overhauling in the sense of setup and string replacement which comes easy at any musical instrument store, at a cost though small.

The Dinky Minions are cheaper than other models available in the market and the reason is stock components that reduce the price but do not let the buyers compromise on the quality. The other masterstroke features include 2 high-output humbucking pickups, tended through master tone controller and a single master volume. This also possesses a basic set of chrome tuners and fixed bridge. It might not be great but they are helpful in the overall tuning of the piece.

When you compare it with other available guitars in the market as against the size and price, Dinky Minions perform fairly well on the ‘sound’ front. The tones are clean and clear and sound chunky when played with distortions. Overall, this is one of the best choices in the budget for anyone who has just started to play.

There are several wonderful guitars available in the market. Some are well built, some have the extraordinary sound quality, some attract with the way they look, and then there are some which steal the show with all these features combined in appropriate proportion. Then how would you know which one is an ideal choice for you? One thing we can say is that if, as a musician, you are a fan of Rock and Roll, then Squier Classic Vibe is for you!

This perfect model is still doing justice to the standard image of an electric guitar. The classic design and gloss finish to the contemporary looks are here to stay and Stratocaster is blessed with it. The neck is ‘C’ shaped and is perfect for easy grasp and provides the much-required control on the instrument. Though the frets are at a similar distance as that on a regular guitar.

The alder body complimented by maple neck gives it more dynamic tone ranges. The Alnico III magnets fitted inside it gives warmer and milder tones. Its 5-way toggle switch in combination with a single coil picks up help in achieving the desirable Strat tones. One thing is for sure that playing hundreds of various tones on this piece of instrument is a cakewalk.

It can be said Squier has done an exceptional job at replicating the famous Jaguar model by Fender. It is one of the more complicated designs for a guitar and therefore falls in a higher price bracket.

The Jaguar boasts a unique curvaceous body which more or less resembles a Stratocaster. There is something about its rustic and vintage look which complements its surf rock heritage in the best possible manner. The smooth basswood double cutaway body is not something that the world hasn’t seen before. It presents a spitting image of Cobain’s leftie with its tortoiseshell pick-guard.

This is one of the models which offer a large variety of colors in its portfolio such as Candy Apple Red, Surf Green (with white pick-guards) and Olympic White. The most comfortable for small hands, a C-shaped maple neck is an ideal fit. A 9.5” rosewood fret illustrated with 22 medium jumbo frets serves as a perfect jazz guitar. Certainly fits into the best guitar necks for small hands list.

All Nirvana enthusiasts can celebrate because Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS works like a charm. And if you are a left-handed player, this beauty is just for you as it is available in the left-handed version as well. The Fender’s Cobain comes in the regular C-shaped 24” model ideal for small hands.

This model could be a highlight for Nirvana nerds as the guitar comes in a vinyl hard case which has an interview of Earnie Bailey, Nirvana’s guitar tech.

The Fender Kurt Cobain is the spitting replica of Kurt’s famous instrument. The structuring is so similar that the humbucking pickups & unique controls are almost the same. Its bound rosewood body complimented with a Stratocaster headstock with an added hint of DiMarzio pickups and other relevant features are quite commendable. Did you know, this one of the 90’s guitar model which contributed towards the revolutionizing the musical space at that time.

As discussed above, the revolutionizing music which changed the music was composed and perceived, this guitar model is one of the best sounds present in the world. After saying this, we do not think anything else would be able to justify its quality.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN is the best electric guitar option present in the market for small hand people. The beautiful looks take away so many compliments. The makers of the Ibanez went an extra mile to complement its looks to the quality of its sound. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, the model behaves to match up with the needs of the player. Ibanez GRGM21BKN, in no sense, lacks the features of a regular sized guitar. In fact, the loaded features make it stand tall amongst all the other models present in the market. If you are looking for a guitar to keep with you for a long time for every step of your music learning graph, give this one a sure shot. A 22” long neck built with mahogany and maple and fitted with 24 frets, give out excellent sound quality.

Even after being packed with features, the price of the instrument is reasonable and within the budget. In expert supervision, if you get one or two critical parts replaced, nothing can stop it from being the best guitar available in the market.

The mahogany ensures a rich quality sound. The best thing about this model is at a lower price, it offers the tonewood and builds quality which is equivalent to the Ibanez’s high-end guitars.

The best guitar you can choose as a beginner is Stratocaster. They can cover your back for playing any music genre with a hard to beat iconic look. So if you are looking for a guitar for kids, check out Squier Strat Mini. Good for small hands too! This is a complete package for the young music enthusiasts and can provide the much-needed jazz.

A c-shaped maple neck basswood instrument fitted with 22.75” length scale and 24 frets, it is built to provide a sturdy and robust quality & feel. The homogeneous mixture of sounds of basswood and maple gives it a solid punch of classical vibe.

The sonic-attack sound of the instrument is a one-hundred percent replica of Fender Strat with costs cut at all the right places. Well, you cannot expect the spitting image or rather Fender’s quality owing to the 10 times reduced prices, one can still grab this model for one of the best musical experiences. The versatility offers an added advantage given the fact you may not have to change multiple guitars should you experiment with some other genre after a point in time. This one is still the best one listed in the market which combines blues and rock music without burning a hole in your pocket.

One of the finest guitars made to date which does justice to the rock and roll genre. Though it might not be the cheapest guitars available in the market, Gibson makes it up for its price with the quality it has in stock. Gibson SG Special first came into being as a replacement to the Gibson Les Paul, which was difficult to replace because of its high reputation amongst the guitar lovers.

Mahogany is the wood for all SG Special and mahogany is also the one which gives it the signature beefy tone. Though the fingerboard flaunts a thicker rosewood. The 24.75” size and 22 frets are ideal for small hands. Its wiring is electronic and supported by a G-Force auto-tuning system along with a Tune-o-Matic bridge.

The Gibson SG Special is famous for giving the classical good-old feel-good guitar sound. Beginners can get a few modifications done in the fresh model to suit their needs and this device is good to go.

Last but not least in the list of 8 best guitar necks for small hands is the Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special. It brings together everything good in the old Jaguar model in the 1960s and added some of the hottest features of the 21st century in the guitar domain. This model is more or less, the best of both worlds. It comes in the traditional slender shape and has been added with a great number of controls and switches to provide an enhanced experience.

The addition of Adjusto-Matic Bridge keeps a check on the intonation and medium jumbo fret for an easier bend. These are the key components of the device. Overall, this model is one of the best available which focusses on technology to supervise the value provided to the people who pick this master up.