April 4, 2019

Best Guitar EQ Pedal for Deeper Tones

If you are someone new to the world of guitar playing and is still struggling to understand which is the best electric guitar to buy, best pickup, and then the best amp, an EQ pedal would not seem like something you would spend your time or money on. But if you are a professional, then you would know how important it is to have a good EQ pedal to play along with your electric guitar.

An EQ pedal helps modify the frequencies and tone of your guitar so it highlights the best parts while masking the rest. So, if you want to make your bass tones even deeper, an EQ pedal would come in handy. Also, if you have a humbucker pickup but want a sharp clean tone, the EQ pedal will again work its magic and play the same for you.

To help lessen your confusion regarding EQ pedals, we have listed below the best guitar EQ pedals available in the market.

Best EQ pedals for your electric guitar

A good EQ pedal can change the way your song sounds and help you get the best tone out. There are many EQ pedals available nowadays with their own set of features, quality, and price. Below are the reviews for 7 best EQ pedals in the market.

The Earthquaker EQ pedal was launched recently and since then has become a favorite with professionals and beginners alike. This EQ pedal has an easy interface and can go up to 20dB. As the EQ is designed like a stereo pre-amp, it can work on as much frequency as required and is suitable not only for guitars but also for basses and synthesizers. The Earthquaker, with its outstanding features and performance, makes it possible to play the sound which you hum in your mind. The best part about this amazing EQ is that it can be yours for a little and it outshines the other EQ pedals in the same range. Get yourself the Earthquaker EQ pedal and you would never have to look for another EQ pedal.


  • The controls can cut or boost up to 20dB
  • Affordable price
  • Can work with electric guitars, synthesizers, as well as basses.


  • Show us one!

If you are a beginner and are looking for a cheap EQ pedal just to get a sense of how it works and to experience the magic, it can do your playing, then the Behringer EQ700 is the right choice for you. The Behringer EQ is not a premium brand EQ and thus comes at a low price. It works great as an EQ to change your tone as per your command but stops at that. It doesn’t have the fancy features which other expensive EQ pedals have but is worth buying if you are starting out and don’t want to shell out a lot of money. The Behringer EQ has a 15dB boost which is not high as compared to other EQs but is good to work with initially. This EQ pedal works best with an electric guitar though can also be used with keyboards. The EQ’s low price ensures that anyone with an interest in EQs can buy one and try it out. Once you are satisfied with Behringer EQ’s basic performance, you can always go for a different brand. This simple amp performs well delivers on whatever it promises. This is the best companion for you in your initial years of guitar playing.


  • Price
  • Easy interface
  • Great value for money


  • Low boost power
  • Only basic features and controls

True to its name, the Empress EQ Pedal has a royal feel to it with multiple controls, sharp design, and sleek compact body. This EQ is best in quality and gives a warm, deep tone without overshadowing your guitar’s true sound. The Empress EQ has a 30dB boost power which is high as compared to other EQs in this range. Along with all the great features, this EQ is a champ at minimizing distortion and at 0.03% distortion, this pedal outshines the other pedals by a huge margin. This premium quality pedal comes at a premium price as well but professionals and music enthusiasts do not mind it considering they get an outstanding EQ pedal is there for the long haul. If you are looking for a top-class EQ pedal, the Empress Para EQ should be one of your top 3 choices. The icing on the cake is the 4-year warranty which comes with the EQ if registered online. Could not have asked for more!


  • 4-year warranty
  • Minimized distortion
  • 30dB boost
  • Premium quality


  • Price

MXR is a great band and the ten band EQ pedal, the MXR M108S, is another great product from the MXR stable. At 12dB of boost, it is slightly behind as compared to other EQs in the market but more than makes up for it in performance, quality and features. This high-quality EQ pedal comes with a noise-reduction system, a sleek aluminum design and added LED lights to help you see what’s playing even in daylight. The MXR ten band EQ pedal has two outputs which allow separate signals to play at the same time along with true bypass which are both good features. The pedal’s aluminum body promises to be strong and is not affected by little wear and tear. It works best with electric guitars and does a splendid job with basses, keyboards and any device looking for high-quality EQ. The MXR ten band EQ has all the essentials of a good EQ pedal and can reach the rank of being your favorite EQ pedal.


  • LED display
  • Premium quality and strong aluminum body
  • Two outputs and true bypass.


  • Price
  • Low boost

​The Boss GE-7 is a classic EQ pedal which ticks all the right boxes. It’s a favorite with many professionals as well as beginners and delivers quality sound, just as we like it. The EQ boasts of a 15dB boost and a low distortion making it a quiet pedal. This pedal might not look as fancy as the other EQ pedals but as they say- don’t go by the looks! With this EQ pedal, the treble notes come out crisp and clear while the bass tones get a new depth and warmth. With the promise of outstanding sound, somewhere you stop caring about the simple design. This is the best EQ pedal if the quality of sound and functionality are your top priorities. It’s a great buy for a professional musician who is buying his 5th EQ pedal and also great value for money for a beginner buying his first EQ pedal. This one will last a long, long time.


  • Great sound quality
  • Low distortion


  • Simple design

The Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ pedal is featuring on this list only because of its one of the most popular EQ pedals in the market mainly for its cheap price and quirky designs. The pedal packs in all the action which a basic EQ should deliver along with a head-turning design and 15dB boost. It also comes with 7 bands instead of the usual 6 even though the 7 bands are reserved for the more elite EQ pedals. Its sound performance is good for a pedal which is this cheap and that’s a great surprise. The EQ is also quiet and reduces distortion but its pedals are not the strongest. The pack should come with a caution sign saying “pedal but with care”. Besides the durability challenge, the Danelectro EQ delivers on all other parameters and can be your first EQ pedal when you are trying out new things. Don’t think twice about investing in the Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ if you are on a tight budget but do not want to compromise on sound quality.


  • Cheap price
  • Good sound and tone
  • Quirky design
  • 7 band


  • The pedal is not durable
  • Basic features only

The Caline 10 band EQ Pedal lies in the middle of our list of expensive and cheap EQs. It’s a great mid-range EQ with 10 bands, 12dB boost, and a great sleek design. This pedal is not noisy but picks up distortion from other pedals and is best suited for live performance rather than recording. The pedal comes in a metal casing making it sturdy and also has red LED lights to show what effects are being played. The Caline EQ plays well both with electric guitars and basses. If you are looking for a quality EQ pedal which looks good, performs well and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, then the Caline 10 band EQ is the perfect choice for you.


  • Price
  • 10 bands


  • Slightly noisy

All about EQ pedals

Now we know a lot about the best EQ pedals available in the market, let's focus on other important things we should know before we work with them.
The job is not over once you purchase the perfect EQ pedal. For the pedal to work properly, it is important to know when and how to use it. Continue reading to learn about the different EQ settings.


1) When using an EQ pedal, ensure that the EQ on the amp is kept switched-off or neutral. Let the EQ pedal do all the sound shaping and bring out the tones you want. If both the amp’s EQ and EQ pedal work alongside, there is a chance that the sound will get distorted and might not give the required tonal effect.
2) The EQ can generate a specific sound or effect when it is started and helps in giving a great start to your performance. In fact, all good EQs have a range of effects they can generate and it is up to the musician to use it at its best.
3) When you play guitar solos, the EQ pedal can boost the treble and give your song a crisp and sharp tone. This effect is bound to raise your solo guitar playing sound to another level.
4) For songs with stronger rhythms, the EQ pedal can boost the mid-frequencies and emphasize the rhythms. This will bring out the best part of the song and highlight it.


The EQ pedals come with a varying number of bands. Some EQs have 3 bands while a couple of EQs also have 10 bands. The logic behind having a different number of bands is that the EQ pedal has different frequency ranges which are controlled by a knob or slider. The EQ pedal changes different frequencies in each band. So lesser the number of bands, more the number of frequencies available under each band and thus the alteration in tone is somewhat generic. While, more the number of bands, lesser frequencies under each band and there is greater control over the effects and alterations. Both types of EQs have their specific pros and cons. A beginner should use a lower band pedal in order to first understand its mechanisms. A professional should go for a larger band EQ in order to experiment with effects and tone.

This should help you make the right choice for buying an EQ pedal, no matter if it is your first or sixth. If you are looking forward to enjoying a range of sounds, tones, and effects, then you should hurry and buy an EQ pedal. All the pedals discussed above are available on Amazon and other online retailers. Buying these pedals online ensures that you have reviews to compare and if you are lucky, a bit of discount as well. Get one for yourself today!