April 4, 2019

Remix Your Own Power Ballad with the
Best Guitar Chorus Pedal

“Chorus Effect” the magic that occurs when single sounds of almost the same pitches converge with each other. The consequent pitch that occurs is perceived as ONE THICK SOUND. A Chorus Pedal can create thicker sounds from an individual signal. Just take your source signal, double it and set the second signal out of tune over the first signal. Lo & Behold! You have got two simultaneous signals playing one after the other.

Let’s look at the best guitar chorus pedals in the market today-

Fender is into everything in bits and parts but they do well in all facets. This competitive series gives a good amount of control and the price too, is justifiable. You can produce WOW modulations with its superior Depth, Speed and Mix knobs. This box has modest dimensions as compared to its precedents and comes with a price tag to match. It has 3 jacks – 1 input with 2 outputs; mono and stereo. It’s a treat to your eyes with the retro surf blue color and a sturdy build. Fender is one of the best guitar chorus pedals and get hold of one for the fantastic effects!


  • Robust build and Aesthetic design
  • Value for money
  • Simple to operate


  • Tell us if you find one!

Electro-Harmonix has been a giant fish in this industry for a few decades now. If you don’t know Harmonix, you are not a Guitarist! It features in the top 5 best guitar chorus pedals available in recent times.

One rate knob helps to control the speed, the modulation type, and the spectrum placing. It is analog with a warm feel and clear tone, perfect to use in large setups.


  • Fully Analog
  • Technologically, a “True Bypass”
  • Retro Sound and Warm Feel
  • True value for money


  • Not very robust in design, unlike its competitors
  • May require extra care and maintenance because of its sleek design

Walrus “Julia” ranks 3rd in the list of best guitar pedals in the industry. This is one “COOL” outfit for your guitar, just go for it! Julia comes in 2 colors- rich blue and red. It has 3 knobs for Rate, Depth, and Lag. Rate and Depth are common in all chorus pedals but Julia’s specialty lies in the LAG Feature. What does it do? It allows one to alter the delay time and gives ultra-fine tuning.

The 4th Knob called DCV (Dry Chorus Vibrato); allows blending the Rate, Depth, and Lag with absolute precision. So, if you want to remix some of the old 80s classic choruses, go for it. It does away with the “Cheese Factor”. Julia has 2 jacks for input and output with a robust design and sturdy build.


  • Fully Analog Classic Electronics
  • DCV blend for ‘second-to-none’ manipulation
  • Exclusive LAG knob


  • Not a pocket-friendly product

MXR M234 Analog takes the 4th place in the list of the world’s best guitar chorus pedals. Analog chorus is designed using the simple old bucket brigade design. It gives a very warm and clear tone; a treat to your ears! It comes with 4 knobs - depth, level, low and high. You can set the number of choruses you want at a time, with the level knob. Low and high knobs help to adjust the sharpness of the final tune. Depth controls the rate and speed of modulation.

It comes in an eye-catching indigo blue color with a white marble effect. It offers a wide range of choruses, right from the 80s to the modern era tones. If you want to define it in humble words, its “creativity waiting to be discovered.”


  • Analog – superior warmth and depth
  • Plain & Simple electronics – Bucket Brigade
  • Highest level of control and flexibility


  • Not one of the cheapest guitar chorus pedals in market

This is one of the top 5 guitar chorus pedals. It is a Danish product and the makers have pushed the technical and quality boundaries with this one! This mini chorus is about 1.7kg in weight, simple to use. It has 3 knobs for Speed, Depth, and FX level. Now for the show stopper; you can connect this with your phone and download/ edit/ customize your favorite guitar notes. The “Toneprint” technology saves your customized notes for future use with utmost clarity.

It has 2 jacks- input and output with a “True Bypass” pedal complete with an LED light for on/off indication.


  • Toneprint technology – the cutting edge
  • Small size – takes less space
  • Simple to operate
  • Robust and minute design – indestructible is the word!
  • Pretty much pocket – friendly, for ‘class’ lovers


  • Let’s hear one!

What are the most important features of Bass Chorus Pedals? The answer is–Control and Functionality! The balance between these two features has to be just perfect. A slight deviation from “perfect” can overwhelm the audience with very weak tones. MXR M83 Bass Chorus scores here because of its 5-knob control. 5-knob control is a feature exclusive to this chorus pedal.

The function knobs Bass, Treble, Intensity, Rate, and Width give a stunning level of customization. The X-over mode reduces modulation at the low end to give better output at the high end. Powered by a 9V Dc Adapter, this comes in the solid build.


  • Bucket Brigade Electronics
  • Analog
  • Flanger/ X-Over features for enhanced output
  • Exclusive 5-knob control for superior, extra-precise manipulation


  • Rather pricey, may burn a hole in your pocket.

Ever Heard of EarthQuaker devices? No? Well, no worries, you aren’t the only one. Most of us haven’t heard of these devices (except, if you count the devices that can predict earthquakes!!!).

In the world of guitar Chorus Pedals, EarthQuaker is a brand name. These devices are handcrafted with stunning designs. Their look combined with their super cool names sets them apart. It has a 6-knob feature unlike any of its predecessors and can work with distortion, overdrive, and fuzz. The Animation knob guarantees extra precision in delay time control.


  • Control levels are way above any of its precedents
  • Fully Analog
  • Superb Robust Build, “True Bypass” pedal
  • Mind-blowing design
  • One of its kind and way ahead of the competition


  • High in price

“Boss” is the brand known for high standards. That is the reason CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus appears in our list of best guitar chorus pedals. One more unique feature that makes it special in our list is that CH-1 is a digital chorus pedal. It is the only digital chorus pedal on this list!

It comes with a 4-knob feature- Level, EQ, Rate, and Depth. They work in perfect tandem to manipulate modulation and give a perfect sound. It completely removes the “Frill effect” from the sound. You may split the pedal over multiple amps using the 3 jacks-input and 2 outputs (mono& Stereo). You get CH-1 in the pastel blue color and can also be used for the keyboard.


  • Superior Boss Quality
  • Flawless functionality within 4-knobs
  • Multi-amp splitting feature
  • Exclusive 5- years warranty
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Unbreakable; to be precise, it is “bomb-proof”.


  • Nothing here

An MXR product once again finds its way to our list of Best guitar Chorus Pedal. This does not bother us much, to be honest. MXR is one among the best chorus pedal makers; they have every right to feature multiple times in our article, don’t they?

You get a vintage feel with the M134 analog box. It has a 5-knob feature complete with Bass and Treble. Bass and Treble help to manage high and low ends while the Intensity knob adjusts the overall effect level. The Rate/Width knobs do a good job and help to control modulation.

M134 also allows you to split the output through multiple amps. The classic, red Led light shows on/off feature and will save you with a “Power Cut” emergency on stage.

M134 comes with a Bass filter switch. This switch is exclusive to M134 and opens a whole new door to the land of tone shaping. You can filter higher frequencies with this switch. Another standout feature of the M134 is the Bass Filter switch.


  • Analog
  • Exclusive Bass Filter Switch
  • Supreme level of control


  • Doesn’t come cheap, only for serious/professional guitarists.


If you want to select the best guitar chorus pedal in the market, you have a tough task at hand. It’s not only because of the options available but also because of your need to use the chorus pedal which fits all your requirements. It is, almost always, easier said than done. The trick is to analyze your need and also maybe your pocket and find the most suitable one. You will find our reviews most useful once you zero-in upon your need and the effect to be produced. This is the best strategy for finding the best chorus pedal for you. See you on stage with your chorus pedal!