April 4, 2019

The Best Guitar Amp for Home Use

You require an amp if you’ve bought your own electric guitar. Connect your guitar to your PC which is rational; nothing can be compared to the experience an original amplifier provides. Today, you will find a vast range of models to make your selection from; getting the suitable one for your requirements can be difficult. Below is a list of the top 10 guitar amps for home use. Unique features and useful specs are mentioned in this list and these are the ones you should keep in your mind when shopping for an amp exclusively for home use. Other factors like type of amp, size, effects, power mentioned here will give you a clearer idea of the exact model you’re looking for, after going through this guide. So which is the best guitar amp for home use? Let’s find out now.

This one has become an industry touchstone amplifier for those music fans who require a mobile valve amp that is compact for use at home and at the studio, and also with a higher volume for smaller platforms. It is a simple amplifier with one channel, making it the perfect choice for amp novices, studio-at-home owners and professional guitarists. This amp is powered with 15 watts via 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 10” speaker and a rectifier tube. The tone and volume knobs make it user-friendly and it weighs at a lightweight 9kg which makes it portable to carry around from practice sessions to home.

It is a compact piece of equipment measuring 40 cm in height/width so it doesn’t occupy much room and become a central focus of your home space. A great sounding amplifier just right for home practice or rehearsals on stage. This is the ideal amp for Fender enthusiasts. The unbelievable tones this one can pull out are just too marvelous! It produces clean tones which you like and adore. Get the renowned Fender tube grind – without impairing your hearing just to hear those lush, beautiful tones. Just right for creating recorded sounds and equally good as a practice amp, the Fender Pro Junior III is touch-sensitive and versatile.

When it comes to style, this one is unbeatable – it has a classic Fender dog bone handle, traditional jewel light, and conventional pointer knobs – this amp doesn’t just sound spectacular. It is crafted with a dark textured vinyl covering with Blackface black/silver grille cloth. A portable sound machine just right for those practice sessions at home! This could be your best guitar amp for home use.

This brand has been making amplifiers for years and knows the significance of tuning an amp hard. They also make models best-suited for backstage practice or usage at home using a blend of solid state and valve technology so you can get beautiful sound and the right response at low volume. There is no stand-in for the original so the brand has created the best option for tube amp lovers– the Orange Rocker 15. One big advantage of this amp is the switch for “Bedroom/Headroom” which lets you tune the output of the amplifier. This is a 15-watt amplifier, and you can bring it down to 7 watts or even 1 watt with the touch of a switch.

You can revel in the amp sound at home without disturbing the neighbors! You can tune it back to 15 watts when you want to play for the stage or in a practice session. This is a head version perfect for traveling in a cab. The Rockverb series of guitar amplifiers brought in a fresh era of Orange Amplification tone in the 2000s. This amplifier is the zenith of over ten years of honing that revolutionary amplifier. It offers two channels – user-friendly clean channel and a dirty channel which will give you a vast range of sound – from classic British tunes to heavy metal. With attenuation and power scaling, this is a versatile amplifier. These are a regular fit with leading guitarists and musicians as part of their equipment.

The Rocker 15 continues the legacy, providing two channels with headroom and clear tones. The clean channel has a solo volume control. It’s meticulously tuned to bring out the best tunes from any type of guitar. The dirty channel offers rock ‘n’ roll tunes and new-age high-gain. A 15-watt loud tube amp is ideal for that rock concert, but it may be too much for home rehearsals. You can get the tubes functioning at volumes that fit your requirements. With a complete tube design, the effects loop has been fixed to give you a clear, natural and friendly tone-powered by 12AT7 tubes. While there are several awesome-sounding options available today, nothing can be compared to a good tube amp.

Amplifiers from Vox are famous for their distinct sound and getting that conventional tone suggests volume when is cranked up which is not sensible every time. The brand knows how essential it is to attain that kind of sound at lesser volume and so has introduced the Vox AC4C1-12 Custom Series guitar Amplifier Combo. It has great portability and is powered with 4 watts and a 12” speaker. It’s only a mere 4 watts which means you are ready to drive the tubes without affecting your hearing. Also, it has a Top Boost sound switch so you can add more effects to your sound.

The brand is showing that you don’t require a massive amp for an enormous sound. There are two conventional Vox sounds which guitar players adore- the clean, vintage tones and the louder Top Boost. This amplifier offers both in a small and inexpensive version. This 4-watt-all-tube combo gives you typical Vox tunes via a Celestion 12” speaker. Treble, gain, bass and volume controls allow you to play a wide range of tones. This is a great-looking, compact and inexpensive combo amplifier. Vox has brought the Top Boost tone to a full-tube cost-friendly combination. It gives you the renowned Top Boost tone in a studio-size version.

This versatile amp lets you dial in clean tones to heavy and louder sounds. Now, get the celebrated Vox Tone you’ve been finding with the Vox AC4C1. This model has 12AX7 preamp tubes along with an EL84 tube. A combination of these tubes offers you the conventional Vox Top Boost tones at mid-range volume levels, making it one of the most famous practice amplifiers available today and perhaps the best guitar amp for home use.

Attaining the tone and bite of a 100-watt amp without impairing your hearing and of others around you is out of the question, but the brand has tried to replicate those features in a one-watt amplifier. This amplifier is equipped with two channels with trademark ISF circuit technology for you to create the perfect sound. Whether you’re looking for classic tunes or a tone with American attributes which is more forceful, you can get them all at lower volumes.

The Blackstar HT-1R is powered with one watt but you will be taken aback at the sound and tone it offers. It also features an 8” speaker which offers bright sound. This amplifier also has a reverb channel which means you can experience and appreciate stereo reverb and add effects to your tone. An ideal amplifier for those who require an adaptable, designed-for-studio amplifier or an efficient practice amp that can be played at lower volumes. A single watt can offer a lot to you. An abundant lot if it’s pumped out of the Blackstar HT-1R. Whether you’re looking for an awesome-sounding amp for guitar practice or to use in the studio, you will appreciate what this robust little combo amp offers. It gives you both range of tones – both British and American tunes.

The dual channels give you a lot of options to choose from while the output makes recording effortless. This one works great as a practice amp and has a useful MP3 input so you can jam with your friends. It has a great variety of tones owing to the Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). When you reverse it, it offers American nuances to your tone with a taut end and loud mids. When you turn it completely to the right, you will get a British tone which is woody and less forceful. The tone levels packed inside this amplifier is admirable for a small 1-watt amp. It has a variety of features which will add enthusiasm to your favorite jamming sessions. The output infuses your recordings with sound which is dimensional and fills your amp for noiseless practice. Include a Blackstar amp to your guitar equipment today!

This is the perfect amplifier for tone enthusiasts and refined musicians who require an all-valve amp that plays sounds at lower volumes. It also has a solo EL84 power tube and 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes. It is powered with 7 watts of typical Fender tone in an attractive and compact version. Since this is a 7-watt amplifier, you won’t disturb your neighbors a lot when you opt to crank this equipment. To attain that stunning Bassbreaker sound you don’t have to take it beyond its zone. The classic style treble boost, which can be started off by the footswitch or top button offers rich, lush and harmonious sound at lower volumes too. Get clean, crunchy tones from the amp which this brand is famous for at the volume you require. This is one of the best amps for available and a great contender for the best guitar amp for home use.

Marshall Amplifiers have gained colossal status as the must-have equipment for musicians and guitarists worldwide. The Marshall Mini Jubilee Combo has been built using similar versions that Jim Marshall used to create the original, resulting in a dedicated replication of a traditional amp, in a compact model. This is a great amp for concerts and onstage gigs owing to its 20 watts of power storage for your use. The standby switch can reduce the output to a mere 5 watts. Now, get that typical Jubilee sound at low volume which is ideal for home recording and jamming sessions.

It also features a Celestion G12M Greenback speaker which brings back the tunes of the 1970s. Amps from Marshall are also known to provide an overall classic tone for rock enthusiasts from the 80s and the 90s. Experience luscious, beautiful tones at any volume owing to the output volume and lead volume controls which you can use to balance the tempo and levels.

7. Albion GS12CLFE Gulfstream Handwired LE Valve Combo

The renowned Steve Grindrod devised this amp, so you know you have a brand to reckon with. This is a hand-wired amplifier and features a 1/3 power switch which lets you drop the level of this 12-watt amp to 4 watts. There are 2 available channels – Normal and Boost and you can use the EL84 tubes as much as required without the roaring volume. An ideal amp for home use where you can perfect your tunes and then shift them to live stage by turning the switch back to more power. It’s also one of the more affordable amps out there for those on a tight budget.

This amplifier is powered with 2W and is one the best guitar amplifiers for home use because of its user-friendliness. This is a small amp and is attached with a top strap so you can conveniently carry it around. It is strong, durable and well-constructed, and is a great choice for practice requirements or to take along with you to a friend’s house for jam sessions. It has useful features like 6 separate tone presets and effects such as phaser, chorus, tremolo and flanger along with distinctions of delay and reverb. This amplifier can roar and be loud, but the sound is a mediocre experience. It spells fun and is not the equipment you will buy if you are looking for a natural, consistent tone. It’s a suitable amp for beginners and you can explore more with in-built effects. Also, it can operate with batteries. This is a practical little amp perfect for home practice or jamming with your band and just going wild with the unique effects.

This tube amp is a great choice if you’re on the lookout for an expensive decent-sounding amp that’s just right for home use. You can play it down to 1W even though it is powered with 5W which makes it so appropriate for practicing at home. You can get that sweet, melodious tone without having to turn up the volume and gain so much. When it comes to controls, this amp is straightforward. There are knobs available for tone, reverb, volume, and gain. The sound it pumps out can be compared to a Fender amp and the distortion, to a Vox amp. The slightly intense tone makes the V5 so distinctive. If you require gain in huge amounts for metal, rock or heavier kind of music, don’t pick the V5. This amp is ideal for blues and jazz tunes and probably the best guitar amp for home use.

This amplifier brings together the organic sound of tube amps and the adaptability of modeling amps offering you an amp with warm tones that can fulfill your requirements. You will get one of the best sounds from this amplifier along with a base tone which you can experiment with. The presets feature 7 in-built sounds, such as brit, double rectifier, other models and various others. This brand uses the best in digital technology when reproducing these models.

There are also three slots available in which you can save/store your music. You can play the effects too through the pedals or buttons. It has four separate channels so you can set it up in the way you like. The Vox Valvetronix offers stellar a tone quality which differs greatly from other models in the same group. The presets are expandable and can be connected to a PC or computer. It has a vast range of tone setups and offers excellent value for the price. This is an outstanding amp owing to the organic stable sound, various amp simulations and user-friendly presets.

The Essential Factors When Buying an Amp for Home Use

Today, amps are available in distinctive sizes and shapes. Though shapes are compatible, the leading feature is the form factor which lets you know on which instances the amp is used. Here are the various factors to take into consideration when choosing the best amp for home use:

The Amount of Power You Require

Many beginners like to think they require a 100W or more power when selecting their first amp. For concerts at smaller locations, 100W is a little extra! You should search for amps powered with 20W. For practice at home, 3W is a decent amount. If you’re thinking of buying a high-powered amp for home use specifically, you will splurge a lot. For a huge, heavy-duty amp, you can shift the volume marginally. Both volume and tone will not be that strong. Playing the amp at lower volumes is appropriate with a low-powered amp, as it can produce a decent tone.

Size and Form Factor

guitar amps usually come in two different form factors- head & cabinet and Combo. Combo amps have the head and cabinet in one piece of equipment. This generally means that the real amp needs less room or space and is portable to move around from place to place. For use at home, you don’t require getting a distinct head & cabinet amp. One more form factor is to be taken into account. guitar amps suitable for headphones are an excellent idea when you have space restrictions.

The Different Types of Amps

Are you finding a combo amp powered with 20W? There are 4 types of amps from which you can make your selection:
Tube Amps – On these, it is necessary to replace the vacuum tubes. They offer an organic natural-sounding tone with a distinct overdrive at high volume and gain. These are more costly than solid-state types.
Hybrid Amps - These are an unbeatable combination of tubes and circuitry, offering you the best.
Solid-state amps – These are functional and low-maintenance and provide a channel and an overdrive. There are amazing solid-state amps available at affordable prices today.
Modeling amps- These use digital processors to reproduce the sounds of different types of models. They are equipped with various effects and are user-friendly.

Which Type You Should Choose

You can choose any type from the ones mentioned above depending on your personal tastes and preferences. If you’re on the lookout for an amp which offers organic sound and don’t want any effects, a tube amp is the right choice. Model amps are well-suited for those who want to experiment with a vast variety of distinct effects, presets and sounds. Solid-state amps provide a natural, organic sound and a good number of effects. It will be wise to take a minute to think about your preferences and playing style and then pick accordingly.

Extra Features Which May Be Useful

Every amp sold in the market today supplies extra or additional features which are built-in the amp. You may realize that these are pretty useful and space-saving. Headphone output, tuner, microphone/aux input, and other like features deserve a second look if you find any that you like.

To conclude, you have been through the list that contains the best guitar amp for home use available in the market today. Every model has distinct features it is renowned for. Hope that this guide helped you in finding the appropriate amp for home use.