April 4, 2019

Dance Away your Blues with the Best Guitar Amp for Country Music

Guitar amps are built for a particular type of music and are important for a guitar as it creates the tone. There are various amps- as the models differ so do the amps and as the amps become better so does the tone. A small change in the amp can alter the sound and tone- that’s why it’s imperative to get the right amp for the right guitar. Usually, the amps come in a couple of formats— either Stack or Combo. The difference between the two is that the latter has the speakers and amplifier bundled up together as a unit, whereas in a Stack, the two are separate. Amps for country music are characterized by their clean sound and need to be paired with an overdrive pedal (mid-high end) to get the vibe and feel of this genre., you want to ensure that the unique twang and the treble-rich bright tones associated with country music come through correctly.

Amps for country music

The world of guitars and guitar amps for country music have a common denominator- they are ruled by a few big names- Fender, Marshall, and Vox with other amp styles following in their wake. Let’s look at the best guitar amp for country music.

By default, Fender amps are perhaps considered the ‘holy grail’ for country music and they are the most popular around. These amps couple well with pedals, have a general balance, can produce the perfect, undistorted sound and don’t muddy up with the addition of effects, is what sets them apart.

Fender’s Champion 20 model is an inexpensive option that has lots in its bag that allow you to experiment with sound. It offers different amp voices- Blackface, tweed, British, and metal, of which Blackface voice is suitable for country music. In addition to the volume and tone control knobs, it also includes the FX level. The overall sounds that are produced are good and the fact it has a good range of effects- reverb to Tremolo (with all the in-between) makes you rate this amp highly.

The Fender Champion 40 differs slightly from the Fender 20- amp is rated at 40 watts and it has a 12” speaker. This means that Fender 40 can give cleaner tones at louder volumes while the speaker gives the amp a little more depth. It also has two channels between which you can alternate and like the Fender 20, it’s possible to change tones using different voicings.

 Fender is not done yet- If you want to reproduce genuine classic country guitar tones, then Fender Pro Junior III will fit you to a T for the tones produces are squeaky clean. The only drawback perhaps is that the amp at 15 watts may not be loud enough to cater to large places and large crowds.


  • Caters to four different styles
  • Clear tone and undistorted sound
  • Affordable option
  • Clear high sound


  • The sound of actual effects can do with improvement

Peavey Classic 30 112 belongs to the classic series of amplifiers, which are reputed for their versatility, tone, and durability. It is the best tube amp for country music with its expressive tonal range and loud volume and has a very nice build. It’s a lightweight amp with a great tone. The highs sounds are natural and bright and the amp achieves the country twang by its notes and tones figuring in between Tweed and Blackface voice.

 Its ability to handle any type of music except high gain shredding is just amazing and the addition of a pedal overcomes that too. Even without pedals, it sounds terrific. It has two channels- the clean channel and the distortion channel. Peavey classic 30 112 is such a versatile amp it can give you a country twang, blues, classic rock, metal or hardcore. At lower gain settings, you can get blues and country music, push the gain a little further and you get rock, crank it up more and a different tone. Its versatility is endless.

 Peavey does everything in style be it guitars or its long-lasting amplifiers. It works best for music that’s slow and rhythmic and with over 3 decades of being on the musical scene, it has proved time and time again that it’s the “best sounding tube amp” that’s been around. Be it sound or performance, Peavey personifies classic and vintage.

Because of its low noise levels, this amp is great for recording studios and everyday practice. Maybe it is a little expensive, but then tube amps generally are. However, the superior build quality and great tones more than compensate for the money you spend on it


  • Can cater to different types of music
  • Great tones and superb build
  • Versatile gain channel


  • A little too expensive

Plug in a Fender Telecaster into a ‘65 Twin Reverb amp and you’ll get pure country music. This amp is one of the “cleanest tube amps” and is delivered through two 12” speakers. With two channels- tube spring reverb and tube vibrato- and footswitches to control effects, the amp can produce a clear country twang. The fact that it has been in vogue for over four decades speaks volumes. For country, blues and rock players keen on getting the classic Blackface sounds, this amp is just right as far as tonal balance and prices go. It’s capable of handling all genres of music, is very versatile, has plenty of headroom and is an extremely great platform for clean sound. Every note- high or low- rings out and those who play the guitar well, are sure to stand out- remember though, you can’t afford to make mistakes- they will stand out too like a sore thumb. When people talk about ‘that Fender sound", it’s this one they refer to. It’s very expensive, but if you can afford it, you may not need another amp.


  • Unbeatable clarity in sound
  • Great for country music
  • Suitable for many genres of music
  • Versatile with amazing tonal balance


  • Very expensive

If you love country music or soft warm sounds but want an amp that’s inexpensive, then get hold of the V9106 Pathfinder. Vox amps are a popular sound in country musicA vintage looking amp that doesn’t really pinch the pocket but still gives you the country twang you want. The amp gives you a 10 -watt tone-filled output that allows you to practice and record at will, an overdrive switch that allows you to toggle between clean to distorted notes. By setting gain higher, you can switch from a blues tone to modern rock. When you plug in your headphones, it cuts off the amp speaker and causes no disturbance to those around. The overdrive switch allows you to switch between overdrives and clean while the gain control gives you control over tone. If you’re looking for a clean tone, press the overdrive switch and ramp up gain control.

V9106 Pathfinder Combo may not be the best amp available, but its simplicity and cost make it a popular one.


  • Looks and feels like a vintage amp
  • A quality amp at a good price
  • Great, clear sound in acoustic guitars
  • Simple to use and minimalistic control
  • Solid amp for regular


  • Lacks built-in effects
  • The range of tones is limited

A tube amp is the best way to get that country twang and this amp by Peavey uses just that to get that unique clear tone so typical of country music. Each time you rev the volume up, you get that natural tube drive that enhances the country experience. This is a great way to get tube amp sound from this hot amp without breaking the bank. It has two switches- one on the clean channel and a high gain switch on the lead channel capable of changing the tones. It has excellent speakers that produce great sound.

The amp has T-Dynamics that allows you to regulate the volume at will without compromising on the tone or sound. This aspect is great while practicing. This versatile and portable amp takes pedals well and produces clean sound for jazz, compresses wonderfully for rock and boosts function for blues. It produces super clean sound for country. A versatile and dependable solid-state app.


  • A good tube amps with nice highs and balanced lows
  • Has good speakers
  • Good for country music
  • Great volume controls


  • Doesn’t boast of any onboard effects.

In conclusion, Tube amps are great for country music but as they are expensive, you can work with solid state amps that will do just as good a job. To get the best out of your amp, start off with a normal volume level, with a gain in the middle. Fiddle about with the highs and get that thin, rich tone that’s characteristic of country music.

You need to remember that amps are tools in your hand that reproduce what you play. Most amps will work with many genres of music, but what is most important is how you set up the amp. A good guitarist, can with the right settings, get the amp to produce the sounds they want. You produce the notes and tones- an amp makes them louder. That said, amps make your day as a guitarist, a lot easier.