April 4, 2019

Up Your Performance with the Best Guitar Amp Cabinets

It’s not enough if you have a good amp for your guitar- an amp amplifies the sound and though it provides the core tone, the sound has to be projected so that your guitar can be heard. Guitar amp cabinets do that and these come in different shapes, sizes and are available at varied prices. These cabinets come in two designs- closed back and open-back models. Closed back models project sound in a single direction (useful in studios) while open back cabinets project fuller, three-dimensional sound that’s looser in tone. So what’s the best guitar amp cabinets?

This is high quality and long lasting 2×12 guitar cabinet that houses two powerful 12” Turbo speakers, each with an output of 160 watts. A huge advantage is that it can be configured in the mode that most suits you-mono or stereo. Made of wood, the cabinet is constructed well and is light when you consider the weight of the two speakers within. The wooden cabinet has been designed in such a way it can be matched with any amp-speaker combination you want. This enables you to have total control of the tone. In addition, wood allows for optimum performance and resonation and with a “low-vibration build and low-resistance”, it’s a cabinet that is wowed for great sound at a great price. The corners of the cabinet are well protected, and since the whole set up comes with elevated feet, the speakers always rest in a raised position. It is portable and a handle at the top makes it easy to carry.

This cabinet with its dual TS connectors and 8-ohm impedance is an impressive 1x12” cabinet that houses an 80 watt 12” Turbosound speaker. A sensitive amp ensures that the speaker delivers high-quality sound with high gain and clean tone. A solid construction eliminates rattling, vibrations, and other noises during hard sessions of play. It handles the rock, blues, jazz, and funk, with no hassle. Even when subjected to heavy distortion, the sound holds up pretty well. Light and easy to transport, this durable cabinet is a steal when it comes to price and size.

This is a solid cabinet with heavy-duty side handles and caster sockets. It is equipped with two Celestion G12T-75 speakers. You can achieve higher gain and modern tones with these speakers and can opt for either mono or stereo mode. Though it is a sturdy cabinet, it keeps the Marshall look with the white piping reinforcements at the side. It is designed and locks smoothly. It has smooth plastic corners and recessed grab handles designed with easy carrying in mind.

A typical Marshall cabinet elegant in design covered in Marshall Tolex. A central logo catches the eye. This 8-ohm cabinet that has an output of 10 watts of power is equipped with Celestine speakers which deliver amazing sound quality. With no distortion or extraneous noise, you get the “full Marshall Tone” that the brand is reputed for. Quality MDF construction, functional efficiency, and aesthetics set this cabinet apart.

One of the best, this American made cabinet is a closed-back construction is a quality cabinet that is compact and rugged but still light enough to port around. With a vintage looking design and a silver grille, it is aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with a Celestion G12P-80 speaker that produces a smooth, well-defined sound. When it is paired with an all tube head, it allows for clearer more articulate tones and can also double up as an extension speaker. If the gain is increased, you can get classic rock tones. As the speaker warms up, it’s capable of giving warmer, even and cleaner tones. For a 1x12, it pushes out a lot of sound, so much so that a single Fender Super Champ SC112 is enough for a small venue. With an output of 80 watts at 8 ohms, it’s pretty powerful for a 1×12 cabinet. Though it pairs well with a Fender Super Champ X2 15 watt head, it works well with other equipment too. The closed back end enhances the low-end bass response.

The Orange PPC212 Cabinet is as distinctive as its vintage looks appear. Great orange looks, a classic grille cloth, and some real heavy-duty construction contribute to its solid appearance. This closed-back cabinet has an exceptional build quality. Copper windings, extra wide voice coils and neodymium magnets ensure a much wider soundstage and a quicker cone response- in fact, much more than most 2x12s.

The dual 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers give you warm, powerful focused guitar tones you will appreciate. At 120 watts from each speaker, the cabinet can cater to even bass-intensive metal music. It has skid runners that acoustically anchor the cabinet to the stage floor and this makes low ends more responsive. There is clarity and definition in every chord and note.

With its good looks and exceptional functionality, Orange PPC212 is sure to hog center-stage at any event. It’s a solid cabinet that can handle whatever you throw at it. The cabinet is very versatile and guitarists that cater to an eclectic range of styles will find it very convenient. It has been found to perform optimally at high gain settings ideal for punk and metal.

Laney is well known for its high-quality instrument amplifiers and its guitar amp cabinet is great to look at and is reasonably priced. This open-back cabinet offers vintage tube tones and is a compact and versatile unit. The best thing about the cabinet is that it can be placed in both portrait and landscape modes depending upon the space available. It can be placed even on small stages.

It is equipped with a couple of Celestion HH 12 inch speakers, which are high-quality speakers. Coupled with a good amp, you can get some amazing sound from this cabinet. Both at high and low levels, the tones are clean and vibrant. It can be transported conveniently as it comes with dual grab handles.

Solidly built, this closed-back cabinet is durable and can be put to good use for many years. Its good looks, simple, clean layout and design make it a winner. The speaker is good and produces a sound that has a nice and balanced tone. The projection is also loud and full and it’s well suited to music styles like rock and metal. It has grab handles at the side that make it easy to carry.

Featuring 80 watts of power, sound delivered is strong and of enhanced quality. Since the cabinet is a closed back, it helps to deliver a more focused tone and there is a greater response for low frequencies. The cabinet promises an enhanced listening experience and is available at an economical price. Indeed, a good cabinet to own.

The Friedman EXT 2×12 Cabinet is made from Baltic Birch, is elegantly designed and aesthetically pleasing. This formidable cabinet is ideal for stage and outdoor performances where looks and appeal count a lot. This has a closed-back and also a rear port. Because of quality wood being used, it delivers fantastic bass sound. It’s robust and sturdy and the structure appears to be almost flawless. To get valuable and great tonal quality, the 12” speaker wire is soldered between the terminal and the speaker. Made in the United States, this cabinet is designed to handle whatever is thrown at it. It is a trifle oversize and weighs a little heavy at 58 pounds.

This cabinet is equipped with the popular Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers. The two 12” speakers have an impedance of 8 ohms and can deliver complex and detailed overtones- ranging from a warm low-end, a rich vocal mid-range and a detailed high end. The cabinet has been used for rock and metal and genres that require heavy distortion. This classic cabinet delivers well when matched with Friedman Runt 50 and ensures the optimal use of the amp. It meets expectations as far as tonal quality goes delivering bass, mid-response and huge sound perfectly.

Friedman is well known for its quality amps, pedals, and other acoustic instruments. Its guitar amp cabinet is just another addition to the long line of reliable products. You can bet on this cabinet and not be disappointed.

The Peavey 6505 Piranha guitar amp cabinet is solidly constructed. There is a lot of internal bracing and cut joinery that makes this small cabinet even more solid. Though the material from which it is made is not very expensive, this small cabinet has the Peavey build quality and does not rattle even when worked to its limit. This cabinet works well with 6505 Piranha 20-watt Head.

A single 8” speaker is fitted in the cabinet and this is very consistent in its performance. This is a 25-watt four-ohm cabinet with a 4-ohm speaker. Full chords and low notes are reproduced loudly enough and can handle the 25 watts pretty well. If you want a little more volume from this lightweight speaker, then you need to use a couple of 4-ohm speakers instead of a single one. By aiming the speakers in different directions, you get the wide stereo field you want without the usual accompanying blast of sound that could be jarring.

The cabinet has a metal grille, rubber feet, plastic corner protectors, and jack-plate and though it can do with improvement, it will be hard to find a small cabinet that’s so good at that price. Small it may be, but worth experimenting with.

Yamaha, one of the biggest brands in musical instruments needs no introduction. The THRC212 2x12 cabinet is closed back; hence it projects full and balanced sound with deep bass and balanced trebles. A switchable input system makes it easy to move from stereo to mono mode and back again. There are two separate amplifiers- The 12" Eminence Legend 1218, which ensures smooth highs, warm mids, and effective lows and the Eminence Tonker that delivers smooth highs and fat warm tones.

This cabinet is compact and has grab handles at the top that makes it easy to transport when needed.

This cabinet comes with the special BOSS design and gels well with the Katana-head guitar amplifier as it has been constructed with that amp head in mind. It is rugged and durable and can be carried easily. It has a back panel that can be removed if need and this is useful when you want to transfer from closed-back stack tones to more open-back sound. Two custom made 12” speakers perform exceptionally and deliver powerful rich tones that range from “clean to heavy”. It has a cabinet impedance of 8 ohms and delivers optimal tonal performance and rubber feet allows for a vertical configuration.

In conclusion, you should choose the correct cabinet for your guitar speakers and as there are a number of options, colors, designs, and functionality to consider, the choice is never an easy one. Remember size impacts overall performance and so does design. Though it’s easy to just go in for a cabinet that suits your amp, if you want to give a creative performance, do a little homework and decide what’s best.