April 4, 2019

9 Best Beginner Guitar Packages

It’s a great step you’ve taken- you’ve decided to become a guitarist- but there are roadblocks and roadblocks. An electric guitar costs a ton of money and you’re confused and frustrated about the hundred expensive accessories that you ought to buy. Kill two birds with one stone- a single solution to both your problems- beginner guitar packages. There are some of the best beginner guitar packages that have just everything you need to kick start your playing- right from a starter guitar to amps, tuners, straps, plectrums, a guitar stand, spare strings- the whole works. These beginner kits act as an incentive to those who want to tread the ‘guitar path’ but are awed by the paraphernalia that surrounds it. Though the guitar is generally never at fault, the packs may not always be of the ‘best quality’. However, since the ultimate aim is to get the hang of playing the guitar, these are eclipsed.

Sometimes a tutorial DVD is thrown in along with a free lesson. The guitars are small and light, are made from good wood, look great and are easy to play. Take a look at the 9 best-

Looking for an affordable combo beginner guitar package- well, you’ve come to the right place. Yamaha rules over all others when it comes to delivering budget-friendly pack without compromising on quality. The entry-level guitar Pacifica 012 that’s included is versatile and is made from solid agathis. It comes in attractive colors, plays well and offers sound clarity.

It’s a Strat-style guitar with a double-cutaway body, is lightweight, has a bolt-on-maple neck, three pickups and can be used for extended practice sessions. It adapts well to any style of music and has a whole range of tones. The two single-coils at the neck and middle respectively and the humbucker at the bridge are controlled by a five-way switch. Volume and tone can be controlled by knobs. With a tremolo bridge and a whammy bar for vibrato effects, you’re all set to play jazz or rock- whatever you please. A little expensive but the quality material is well worth it.

This combo package takes away the headache of having to buy accessories you need when you start playing the guitar. It’s a greater pain when you don’t even know what you want and have to rely on someone else. The guitar has a solid wood body, a rosewood fretboard, and a Canadian maple neck and speaks of good craftsmanship. It has a good build, comes with the standard accessories like a gig bag, picks, strap, cable, and other usual paraphernalia. A nice feature is the nickel-plated steel wire coated guitar strings that help produce great, clear sound. These are more durable and long-lasting than the usual strings.

Three single-coil pickups connected to a volume and tone control knob through a pickup selector switch, and a tremolo bar that helps stability in intonation, augurs a good setup for practice. A reliable amplifier, a headphone input jack, and overdrive ensure sound clarity and quality.

This bundle is almost similar to the ones offered by branded names and for a newbie, it’s more than sufficient while they learn the ropes. So practice at home till you get the hang of it and then if you want you can graduate to a better guitar. Till then the LyxPro Electric guitar is more than enough for your needs.

If you’re into punk or metal, you’ll recognize this brand- this affordable jumpstart package gets you strumming. Quality breeds quality and the Ibanez Gio RG guitar is a concrete example of that. Made from poplar, it has a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets with fret markers and a maple bolt-on neck. A superb glossy black finish lends a touch of real elegance to this guitar.

Two Ibanez-designed Infinity humbuckers, master volume, and tone control knobs and a three-way pickup selector switch that can alternate between the humbuckers gives beginners the control they want. A chrome tremolo bridge that holds the strings in place, a whammy bar to lend vibrato to your solos, a 10-watt amp, featuring volume, treble, and bass, will power your practice sessions adequately. And for those late night sessions, there’s the headphone jack. The standard cable, strap, gig bag and plectrums come in a convenient pouch that can hold other accessories too. A good, quality and affordable package that allows beginners to rock and strum to their heart’s content.

This is a good entry-level guitar that comes at an affordable price. The guitar is an RR100 model with a solid Paulownia body, a rosewood fretboard, and a bolt-on maple neck. It’s available in wine burst, black, blue and red burst and comes with the standard accessories- strap, picks, cord and gig bag that allow you to start out immediately. It has a sleek appearance and a good finish and comfortable to hold.

The G10 amp is not loud, and that means you can use the headphones to practice. It comes with 2 single-coil pickups, a five-way switch, and a humbucker to minimize the hum, limited volume control, and an overdrive button. The absence of gain control leaves you with not much overdrive choice. Though the sound quality can do with improvement, the tone is good. This kit is not anything to write home about, but it’s in tune with the overall price.

The Pyle brand is perfect for those who want to experiment with a guitar for the first time. It may not compare high with other well-known brands, but as an entry-level player, it has won kudos.

The guitar in the pack conforms to the standard Stratocaster double-cutaway shape and is available in a few different colors. It’s made from solid paulownia, has a maple bolt-on neck, a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and is light and comfortable to hold. Extended practice sessions may not be a strain. It includes a 10 watts amp, a 5” speaker, a tremolo bridge to hold the strings and a whammy bar to create vibrato effects. Simple volume and two individual tone controls with a five-way selector switch give beginners all they need to play the guitar. The tone is bright and clear and you can even get a raspy overdrive for metal and rock.

If you want to plug in an MP3 player or your computer, then the auxiliary input helps you do that. In addition, if you want to practice without attracting attention, there’s always the headphone jack. The usual gig bag, plectrums, strap, cable and pitch pipe that come along are decent. So go ahead, plug in play and practice your strumming. A great basic electric guitar package for beginners on shoestring budgets.

6. The Amazon Bestseller Starter Electric guitar Package

You probably think learning to play the guitar is an expensive affair- then think again. This combo pack comes so cheaply you can’t believe it. Though the guitar is basic, it’s made from solid wood, has a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, a bolt-on maple neck and comes in some attractive colors. This Strat-style guitar can hold its own against Pyle and Squier too. The electronics are also simple with three single-coil pickups, two knobs for tone and volume control knob and a five-way pickup selector switch. It features a tremolo bridge, a Whammy bar that holds out if you don’t overuse it, an amplifier that has an output of 10 watts and a headphone socket. Though the setup is simple, it’s adequate for beginners that just want to learn the basics. You can always graduate to something more solid.

This super-budget pack from Best Choice Products is a decent kit that comes with the usual standard trappings that come with any guitar. Perhaps the quality can do with improvement but it’s adequate for a beginner that doesn’t know a plectrum from a cable.

Who has not heard of Epiphone (which is now owned by Gibson)? Any guitarist will recognize this brand, which figures among the top ten electric guitar beginner packs. The popularity of the pack stems from the fact it contains an original LP Special II LTD guitar, though a budget guitar, is of good quality, comfortable and very much playable. As it comes with an Electar guitar amp, a ten-foot-long cable and the standard plectrums, a strap, and a branded gig bag, it has everything you need to get started.

A quality covered machine head and a classic tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar ensure that changing guitar strings is an easy task. The two pickups, which are humbuckers, eliminate hum, which is essential for rock and metal practice. The Epiphone amplifier with 10 watts output and a 6” speaker together provide for clear tone. Simple controls make the guitar easy to operate and a headphone jack allows you to practice quietly. Instructional videos help beginner guitar players get started and help to build confidence. These extras may not be very robust but it helps to get you started.

Fender’s affordable and solid little electric guitar will give youngsters a kick. The Mini Strat pack is just for them. It packages a guitar that youngsters will be able to handle. The Squier Mini Bullet Strat has been sized down to suit small-handed players. It has a hardwood body, a C-shaped maple neck, a rosewood fretboard, and 20 frets. It’s shaped in the classic double-cutaway style with a typical Fender headstock. Three single-coils at the bridge, neck, and middle, a basic little amplifier that offers a clear tone, a five-way selector switch and basic volume and tone controls keep the package neat and functional. The usual strap, clip-on digital tuner, cable, and plectrums will have the youngsters strumming away almost immediately. It includes an instructional DVD is useful for beginners. A basic pack but a good buy for beginners at its price.

The ZENY Electric guitar Beginner Starter Package is a good investment that comes cheap. It consists of a guitar made from solid wood and a maple neck with a truss rod. It has a good finish, is attractive and stays in tune. In addition to the usual accessories such as strap, cable, gig bag and picks, it comes with an extra set of steel strings, A 10-watt amp, and 5 scale tone changer, a two-band equalizer and minimum volume control. Available in a couple of colors, the guitar is just right for beginners that are on a limited budget. It comes with everything you need to make a start and with a little tweaking, the guitar will more than meet your expectations.

In conclusion, these electric guitar starter kits help you tread on your guitar journey with less of a hassle. It’s a good take-off point for tentative beginners and depending on how your ‘experiment’ turns out, you can always go in for something better. Strum away, learn the ropes and if you’re patient and persistent, an expert guitarist you will become. Enjoy what you do and you’ll soon do what you enjoy.