April 4, 2019

7 Best Bass Strings for Metal Guitar

According to some people, any guitar would be good for metal as long as the amp is set to 10. But they can't be any further the truth. The same is logic is applied when choosing the right strings for your metal guitar. It’s probably ok to say that the strings most important and essential of part of a guitarists tone. Choosing an appropriate string according to what you’re playing style will take your performance to the next level. Every guitar has its own requirements and there is a lot of science behind string design and construction.

It is also interesting that the first steel string acoustic guitars came in 1900 quickly followed suit by the electric guitar in the 1920s. Technically, they are not very different from each other. But the construction method manifests and provides each with their own set of characteristics.

In this article, we will try to explore the 7 Best Bass Strings for Metal guitar. So sit back with a pen and take some notes to enhance your performances!

The D'Addario is a well-known name when it comes to the metal strings. The NYXL series has tons of different gauges to offer this suit most or all of your musical needs. The D'Addario specializes in giving you strings with a very prominent low E that's gauged over .052. We would strictly recommend that you give "Extra Heavy 12-60" a chance and see your performances transform. This one gives you a .060 on the low E and can get as thick as you can go without getting into the territory of baritone or 7-string. Like its major counterparts, these are also wound with nickel. The nickel provides the required warmth to the time and gives a little more bass.

These thick non-coated strings can offer you the best sounding lower drops. The NYXL is loaded with features and therefore, it sounds great with both clean and distorted signals. The thick .060 leaves a lot of room to tune down your music performances. It does not break character even on the higher register and is truly adaptable to handle a wide variety of tunings.

Our only concern is it is priced on a very higher side given its non-coated characteristic. The oddly expensive feature also does not do much to justify the fact that they come without any coating or string treatment.

The most popular string professional players use is none other than GHS Boomer. But if you are here and reading this article, we assume that you are looking for expert and reliable advice. Well, according to us, GHS Boomer is one of the most 'okay' and better than most of the stuff available in the market. Comparatively, these are priced to be better metal options than the rest of them. We must also give you a heads up here that they are more suitable as 'metal lead' than metal rhythm for the mere reason that they sound much better on the higher end of the EQ spectrum.

The Boomers are best known for its nice attack & edginess. But their 'nickel plated' winding does not put them on the same pedestal as that of Elixir and Ernie Ball in the tonal thickness section. They could be the best choice for solo performers and lead guitars. One of the most favorable vantage points is its price as these are quite affordable.

The GHS Boomers are uncoated. So if you are looking for a coated option, you might want to continue reading.

The heavier Elixir strings sets for metal are our best bet any day. The nickel plated steel sets with a light/heavy just steal the game. They come with an OPTIWEP coating which in layman terms means you'll get a punchier tone on a distorted signal and that's a guarantee. It produces the warmest tone of all the Elixir models. It gives guitarists a significant boost. It’s better for lower tunings and heavy metal distortion. The gauges of three strings address designed very intelligently. The three highest unwound strings are lighter compared against the lower wounds strings which are heavier. The obvious benefits are it gives thicker strings for power chords and lower tunings. The high strings also come in handy for easier bends and fast soloing.

There are a lot of things reasons we are rooting for this metal strings set. They sound amazing, on the low-end EQ. The brand is a tuned one and always has something fresh to offer. These coated products keep off the rust & damage. The coating keeps them fresh sounding and gives them a life that seems to go on forever. Any of the thicker Elixir string set can do the job for you.

The only thing which can discourage you a little from buying this awesome piece of genius is the price. They are double the price of any other product available in the same space. There is always a price to quality ratio. If you don't mind spending a few extra bucks, you may have an exceptionally well-performing string set.

An essentially a 7-string pack which comes without the high E, Ernie Ball's baritone is the considerably thicker gauge. It makes tuning down lower than C easy. Like all signature Ernie, this one is also wound in buckle giving out a warmer tone taking our major emphasis from the treble in the EQ. It is a master in picking up the punch of the power chords. They sound exceptionally well work lower tunings and the thickness provide enough cushion to cover and control them.

This strings set is ideal for any player that wants to experiment heavy distortions. It would also be suitable for the people who prefer using lower A & B tunings as a part of their everyday playing.

The Ernie Ball's baritone comes with a very long life. The power chords support the perfect blend of aggressive, punchy and thick sound which adds an extra spice to the performances. They come in a fun-filled packaging and we can promise that you would love unwrapping them. The only non-cool factor in this entire deal is the price. They are marked at a higher rate than most of the Ernie products.

There is nothing more unique than Ernie's M-Steel string set. The cobalt wound string set was designed and manufactured to produce a higher magnetic output accompanied by a more aggressive tone. We tested most Ernie's sets and we can say the M-Steal stands out. They sound exceptionally heavy as if the pickups have become more close to the strings.
The other features of the M-Steal cement its position as a perfect fit for metal heads. The arrangement of strings is the common skinny top-heavy bottom one and provide plenty of sustain. The impeccable balance between lead and rhythm, lots of heavy low end and high output magnets render it the distinctive stature it deserves. The one drawback is that lack any kind of coating or treatment.

Ernie Ball is an expert in producing best B quality lighter strings but the “Not Even” variant is specially designed for life tunings and heavier tones. If you are looking to own a heavier coated six string set without burning a hole in your pocket, then Ernie's Not Even Slinky is the best option available for you in the market! Its tone can rival the competition including any of the more expensive coated string options.

We can't emphasize enough on the coating which gives it the unique sound and feels quality. With the different string thickness for all its strings, a .056 for low E and .012 for high E. This is the heaviest six-string set we have come across till date. Maybe this is the reason that Ernie's Not So Slinky sounds better with heavy distortions & high gain. When paired with them, it produces a powerful, thick and booming power chords. They also have tremendous sustain in the drop of D and C tunings.

At the price point currently available, we would say there could be no better buy. The only genuine problem with them seems to be that they do not last very long. They also get damaged by sweat very easily. The strings may not last very long but its price encourages you to give it a shot. So what if you will have to replace it after a few months down the line?

Given the number of Ernie Ball string sets we have mentioned in this list, we should be declared as an Ernie Ball enthusiasts. This is all because of the genius product line which it has to offer to us. The gauge arrangement quite similar to Elixir, as discussed previously, the gauge in itself is not pretty thick. The low E has a maximum of .052. Essentially it’s suitable for hard rock or metal fans who might lean more towards lean and melody side of guitar playing. This set gives you the desired thickness & heavy power chords while leaving enough room for high-register movement.

Compared to all other Ernie Ball string sets, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom is not that thick, rest assured to get the chunky sound from the palm muted power chords. In comparison to the Elixir, this one does lose the battle as Elixir produces smoother sound as they are most definitely the thicker set. But in this situation, the price of Ernie might be able to sway you in its direction. It is available at one of the most favorable price points in the market. The biggest advantage is you can buy these in bulk and can replace them more often than if you invested in any Elixir.

It is also important to note that these are uncoated therefore are incapable of producing warm tones.