April 4, 2019

The 10 Best Acoustic Guitars for Kids

Here’s something to bring to parents’ attention. Convincing your kids and making them interested in playing the guitar may be difficult.  There are various challenges like searching for the correct guitar and equipment, finding a great teacher and keeping them interested, which are also some things which are essential. It’s definitely worth it in the end. Observing children develop musical talents, demonstrating their emotions with the help of various instruments and just achieving maturity and growth in sensitive and melodious ways is an amazing experience. In the event your kid is displaying curiosity for the guitar, you should definitely encourage it. In this short guide, you will find some useful opinions and guiding tips as well as scour the current market in search for the ideal guitar for your kid.

Acoustic guitars for kids are relatively easier to find today as a lot of brands manufacture smaller models of their full-size versions. These guitars are not lesser than their larger equivalents when it comes to playing style, fingerpicking, and full playability. What most parents are looking for is the ability to produce melodious tones with adequate volume and the type and quality of material used these days. Smaller guitars are improving in make which enhances the value and are also referred to as authorized instruments. So here is the list of the top 10 best acoustic guitars for kids.

The Rogue Starter is one of the cheaper acoustic guitars which you will find available in the market today. One of the most striking features of this guitar is its elegant side, as you don’t easily find guitars so cheap and so attractive. The playability and sound is a perfect match for beginners. It has a unique punch and a distinctive set of clear and vibrant treble frequencies. This one has a small body and is a great deal for a beginner’s guitar. Owing to its compact profile, it is playable for kids or enthusiasts with small-sized frames and hands. The neck is crafted from maple and it has a fretboard made out of rosewood together with Martin strings all of which offer a sweet, melodious tone.

This is one of the more affordable guitars and has nylon strings on it. It flaunts a conventional build and construction and is crafted out of agathis wood. This selection of wood offers a crisp tone to the sound of the guitar. The neck is made of mahogany while the bridge and board are made of hardwood. This is a lightweight but robust guitar and is the ideal choice for children who are learning how to play the guitar. What sets this one apart is the sound which is especially suited for beginners. For the unbeatable, cost-friendly price, it’s tough to criticize. This is a guitar well-suited for traveling or to leave in the living room when creativity is inspired. It is available with a case which is sold separately. Welcome to the world of guitar playing with Hohner! It is a classical custom-built guitar. This piece is small-scaled and is exclusively designed for young guitar players. It is especially recommended for kids in the age group of 5-9 years. It is supplied with lightweight nylon strings for user-friendly fingering as to not let down a beginner or starter. Hohner, the brand has a heritage which supports musical education. It is in the business of manufacturing guitars for over 150 years. The brand has savored making instruments to assist people of all ages which is a medium for musical expression. Recently, Hohner has collaborated with GAMA, an organization committed to creating joy while playing the guitar into schools across the nation. Around 30” of length, it is the ideal size for kids. The nylon strings are user-friendly and safe to play for children. It also features precise intonation which makes it the ideal first-time guitar for children. This piece offers easy playability and safety whenever you play it.

One of the better small-sized guitars out there, this one is a popular version available at an affordable price. It has a scale length of 23” which makes it portable, user-friendly and travel-friendly too. It has an HPL mahogany body spreading to the sides and back, with a well-built spruce top which offers a well-rounded tone and intensity.  It has high-quality supportive hardware and is a great buy for smaller-handed guitar players. With a short scale and size, the Martin LX1 Little Martin has all the features of a kid’s guitar. It features a robust Sitka spruce top with a finish for a stylish appearance, along with a neck made of Rust Stratabond and a rosewood fingerboard. These materials assist in producing the typical Martin tone in a small and inexpensive instrument that is just right for the traveling genius. It is a suitable instrument for a player with small hands. Additional features include a Micarta bridge with a Tusq saddle and chrome tuners. It is sold with a gig bag too.

4. Fender MA-1

This is a high-quality guitar made of steel strings and is made by one of the top leading guitar brands. It presents awesome style, sound, and playability and is also affordably priced. With a conventionally built body with a top made of laminated agathis, it also features laminated sides and back. It has a C-shaped neck with a fretboard crafted out of rosewood. It has 18 frets with the neck and body styled in a snug satin veneer. The sound is amazing with enough intensity to miss any minute sound. This guitar is available with a stellar set of sealed chrome tuners with a rosewood bridge and uncomplicated concert bag. It has a 3/4 – scale which is the right choice for young ones who require a guitar that is suitable for smaller hands. Made for learners or beginners who favor this instrument, it has a classic feel from its smooth body and finish of the neck and a full-scale tone. This awesome little guitar is well-suited for players who want an original Fender in a small-sized travel guitar. It is sold along with a gig or concert bag for favorable transport to a friend’s home or to school.

This one is exclusively designed for small-handed players and is a fantastic guitar for kids. It has a lean body and a miniature scale. It provides a lot of value for the style and quality it delivers. You can choose from the various color options. It also features a small neck and is user-friendly for kids, with a fretboard made out of rosewood. It also comes with 21 frets. For beginners who have progressed beyond the beginner stage, it offers custom-made Yamaha electronics for magnifying sound as well as a convenient in-built tuner. This guitar is a 3/4 model and is one of the leading, top-selling acoustic guitars. This instrument is all fun, is well-built and small which is great company for when you are traveling. It showcases an ART-based pickup structure and Yamaha’s trademark tuner with superior accuracy and playability. What you get is awesome amplified sound!

An expensive guitar, it is user-friendly with guitar strings made out of steel. It presents personal and distinct rosette design and features the signature of international artist Taylor Swift. With a small-scale shape, it features a sturdy spruce top and sapele mahogany back and sides. The neck is also crafted out of mahogany which is just right for small-handed guitarists and a fretboard with 19 frets. The guitar has high-quality hardware which includes a set of chrome tuners and a bridge made of ebony and patented strings. This guitar is available with a gig or concert bag. It sounds very melodious, with rich and well-balanced tones. It has a 3/4 sized body which makes it extremely portable and effortless to play.

This is a stunning looking guitar which is very affordable. It has steel strings and a conventional non-cutaway body and user-friendly neck made of mahogany and fretboard crafted out of rosewood. It is an ideal instrument for small-handed guitar players. The neck and laminated body are available in a set of myriad colors like blue, white, black or pink with a brilliant finish along with a soundhole rosette and Luna’s detailed fret-marker inlays. What you get overall are a robust and well-constructed build and an amazingly balanced and clear sound. The hardware has stock strings, chrome tuners, and a concert or gig bag.

This brand offers value for the money and presents back and sides made of meranti wood and a spruce top. This instrument gives you well-rounded tones and intense basses and a clear treble section. All the parts are exclusively improved for beginners – from tuning pegs to a plush neck but it’s the small and sturdy size that makes it ideal for kids. If your kid is starting his/her learning curve on a six-string, this Yamaha model is one of the best acoustic guitars for young beginners.

This guitar belongs to the Takamine brand and is an entry-level version from the lengthy list of amazing sounding guitars they manufacture. This is a well-constructed, regular size guitar with a rich sound. No sound disturbances can be heard when you play this one, owing to the accurate fret and strings height proportion. The spruce top is featured in natural-based color with back and sides made out of agathis in a satin veneer which is eye-catching. It also has a bridge crafted out of rosewood, chrome machine heads and frets which make this an outstanding piece. With great playability and sound, kids won’t face any problems learning how to play this acoustic guitar.

Available with a strap and concert/gig bag, this nylon string guitar is inspired by Disney Coco. It is ideal for small kids and beginners. This mini guitar‘s playability can be compared to a typical classical guitar and come in three models which children can choose from. It has a neck which is C-shaped, with a truss-rod which is adjustable, silver gear tuners, nubone saddle, and strap buttons. An attractive design is featured on the guitar which has a satin veneer finish.

Which One is better – Acoustic or Electric?

Some people think that beginning to learn an acoustic guitar is the right choice as acoustics offer the player the detailing of the instrument, in place of letting them stand behind a mega panel of electronics. You can’t really force a child to play an acoustic guitar. Beginners or those not familiar with guitars, especially children can lose interest quickly. By letting them play the instrument they require and not what you think is best-suited, you will observe an enhancement in the way they play and practicing attitude. Learning the guitar should be an enjoyable, self-stimulated activity and involving a lot of rules can have an adverse effect.

Let your child choose the type of instrument and playing style. When you are aware of that, feel free to review the guitars listed above and spot the one which suits your child’s requirements the most and once you buy it you can also sign up for some online guitar-playing courses. When you start to learn the guitar you will know that there is not a lot of difference between electric and acoustic guitars. Those details and differences will become evident along the way, but at the start, there are a lot of common factors which need to be studied first. Keep the interest of playing the guitar alive. As long as that factor remains, it is a spontaneous reaction for the player to begin exploring other realms of sound. If your kid is a metal fan excited to know more about the Ibanez, get him that even though you favor a Martin guitar. Let him learn the nuances of guitar-playing and he will soon appreciate fine acoustics. The same applies to other genres like rock, country, pop, jazz, blues or whichever is the trend for youngsters today.

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar for your Kid Based on Age

Age is a major factor when it comes to knowing the size and height of kids that can concur with the length and size of their guitar. It is similar to going shopping for clothes for the children when you observe that there is a suitable size available for kids based on their age. It is thus a lot easier searching for a guitar size which matches and is well-suited for your kid. You may also have the flexibility option – to adjust if the guitar is too small or too big. It is also important to note that some children are bigger or smaller in terms of age, and this will assist in adjustment to carefully select the appropriate guitar size.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Guitar for Your Child

Various factors are involved in getting the right guitar for your kids. As kids are little, you will have to find guitars with smaller bodies. Most importantly, look for guitar necks that are user-friendly, light strings and light bodies. Also, beware of inferior guitars. There are sub-par guitars available widely today that create such a bad sound that it’s much better not to buy them. Filtering these things is difficult and arduous, and each of the guitars listed above is worth their value in money, a musician’s favorite sounds and are available at a price that’s reasonable and affordable.

How Much To Spend When Getting Your Kid a Guitar?

Beginning with a good-sounding inexpensive guitar is the right choice for many reasons. These guitars which are affordable, offer great sound quality, top-grade material used in manufacturing and the craftsmanship included on the construction which makes it good enough for adults and kids to play and learn the guitar without splurging a lot. Some leading brands of affordable guitars can be trusted as they have been making guitars for years, making them from new-entry to superior models.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind

The price of the guitar is not the end amount you will have to pay. If a beginner plays that guitar, you will need to pay as much as the instrument cost for extra gear, which is mandatory. When it comes to electric guitars, they cannot produce a sound without a quality amp. Cables and amps are not required for acoustic guitars, but the following equipment is imperative for both acoustic and electric guitarists.

You need a good tuner. Even if the guitar is tuned at the shop, it will go out of tune when you get it home. If it doesn’t, it won’t can hold the tuning for over two hours of playing. A beginner or learner will not be able to tune a guitar leaving the child with an unusable instrument. It’s best to buy a tuner – it is user-friendly and will keep the guitar in top shape. Another essential piece of equipment to practice on the guitar and musical development is the metronome. It is recommended to purchase a tuner with an in-built metronome. Next would be a concert case or bag. With a cardboard case, you can take the guitar anywhere you want – even home and your child will take it with him/her for practice lessons or music rehearsals. It would be impractical and hazardous to carry it in a case made of cardboard. Among the things you should not buy is a guitar effects pedal. Though they are fantastic, you do not want to puzzle your kid by including complex effects right in the beginning. Another thing you will require is a nice guitar strap. Guitar-playing when standing up alongside a strap and when sitting minus the strap, are two different positions as the positioning of muscles is not the same. Mostly, your kid will want to play live standing up, and you will be required to buy the strap from the beginning. You will also need to purchase a pick. You will now know what the next step will be. So there you have it, you will need much more than just the guitar.

Which is the Right Choice? – New guitar or Used Guitar

A new guitar is a right choice any day. Most of the guitars mentioned above are affordable and budget-friendly and are more susceptible to damage. The best thing to do is purchase a new instrument and begin again. Faulty gear can have a negative effect on your learning journey, so make sure you avoid it.

You may get a great deal buying a second-hand guitar; there are many bargains to choose from. There are some risks too. If you are thinking of buying used instruments you should make sure you are updated with the knowledge on guitars or bring someone along with you who is.

What You Should Go For – Online Lessons or Private Tutoring

Kids require lessons when learning how to play the guitar. In most cases, kids are unable to guide themselves and teachers are totally imperative. As for choosing between online lessons or private tutoring, it is best to make use of all available resources. There are two features to this- the lessons and equipment for practice and improvement.

It’s not much of a big deal whether you’re receiving lessons via Skype or meeting the teacher personally. Both alternatives are fine. The teacher should be adept and you will also need to look out for references, enquire with students and more.

Another thing to do is to observe that the teacher’s specialized techniques include your child’s favorite music. If your kid likes blues, find an expert blues teacher. It is vital to care for your kid’s inherent tendencies when it comes to music.

How Guitar Tabs Are Useful

Tabs let you learn your chosen songs fast and proficiently. Tabs are fantastic, compact and user-friendly. But they are not efficient appliances when developing musical talents. They often let us retain numbers and learn the song completely without a full feel. Those who use tabs are often left without a scale or knowledge, that’s fine, what is a major issue is that making use of tabs can turn too mechanical, not make use of improvisation, play music by feel or create music, which are all important features of being a guitarist or musician. It is a good bet to use these tabs wisely. In the online arena, a lot can be done to develop musical talents and technique. You will find a lot of video lessons on YouTube and also stimulating discussions and common guidelines. Vlogs and blogs can motivate and influence your child to perform better, so be sure to view those too. Content on video is very popular these days, so, ensure that you save or subscribe to leading channels with useful lessons and guitar info.

For Lovers of Music

Music is all about fervent passion which grows from being the ultimate fan of music. You can generally be a lover of music, adore a particular genre, as long as the learning spirit is there.  If you wish for your child to be enthusiastic about music make sure you’re passionate about it too. Discuss music with your kid, play music, ensure that he/she knows how to visit musical libraries online. Also, note that you don’t tell them what they should listen to and what they shouldn’t. Being a music fan is as essential for your child as performing as a musician.


We have finally come to the end of our guitar-picking journey right here and we have the10 best acoustic guitars for kids.Hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you have learned a lot and found the appropriate guitar for your child. It is now your turn to find out and note down your kid’s requirements, tastes and musical preferences, as well as your total budget and spot the instrument which is the best fit for your little one. Please show your child the guitars listed in this guide so that they get a clearer idea about what they really want. You now have a young musical prodigy waiting for their new instrument to showcase his/her musical talents!