Best‌ ‌Acoustic‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Strings‌ ‌for‌ ‌Sore‌ ‌ Fingers‌

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Sore Fingers

When you practice the guitar, if you are finding that the strings hurt your fingers, a great acoustic guitar string can help ease your experience, especially during longer playing periods. Acoustic students often experience sore fingers and end up feeling discouraged when they are beginning to learn the instrument. It can be quite frustrating to be suffering from blistered fingers while preparing for a big concert.  To avoid such frustrations, you need a guitar string that is comfortable and doesn’t cause you pain while you practice. For an easier playing experience, consider investing in high-quality acoustic guitar strings, like the ones listed below. In this post, we review our picks for the best acoustic guitar strings for sore fingers.

Our Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Strings for Sore Fingers

The Martin SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings are made using premium metals. The guitar strings provide a high tensile strength that allows the strings to maintain their integrity, delivering a consistent performance. Unlike guitar strings that corrode, affecting their playability, these electro-plated strings are corrosion resistant. Additionally, to ensure a longer lifespan, the Martin SP Lifespan guitar strings feature oil-repellent substances, ensuring a smooth performance throughout use. 

The acoustic guitar strings by Martin also feature ultra-pure steel SP core wire. The custom wrapping technique that Martin uses when making these strings ensures a tight tolerance.

Martin SP Lifespan Product Overview:

  • Features high-tensile strength with the ability to perform even in demanding situations
  • Has increased durability, ensuring fine tune and longer tones
  • Provides great playability with superior reliability and authentic tone

D'Addario has been a renowned maker of guitar strings for over three centuries. The D'Addario EJ17 is a perfect representation of the company’s fine artisanship and features an innovative, modern design, giving your acoustic a warm and bright tone. 

The EJ17 features long-lasting durability and is made from phosphor bronze, which is an extremely popular material in different musical instruments. The guitar strings feature a computer-controlled wrapping around the hex core, ensuring a consistent and extended life. 

Apart from being a corrosion-resistant guitar string, the D'Addario E17 also features a well-balanced acoustic tone and is a finger-friendly acoustic guitar string, guaranteeing excellent intonation.

D’Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Strings Product Overview:

  • Available in heavy gauges, offering an increased volume and projection
  • Has an increased tension, making the strings ideal for altered tunings
  • Features a simultaneously warm and well-balanced acoustic tone
  • Ideal for all genres

Ernie Ball is a trusted brand name when it comes to acoustic guitar strings. The Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze is an innovatively designed guitar string, ensuring more projection and clarity from your instrument. 

The Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze strings feature advanced technology made using steel hex cores with an aluminum bronze wrap wire. These steel hex cores cover the entire guitar string, ensuring the best output when used with the pickup systems. The aluminum-bronze combination gives these acoustic guitar strings corrosion resistance and has the added benefit of creating a brightly-projected tone. The AB strings show a significant improvement over lower-end guitar strings, which justifies the high price.

Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Guitar Strings Product Overview: 

  • Designed to ensure an improved projection
  • Comes with better clarity compared to traditional strings
  • Features an aluminum-bronze combination, which is naturally sweat and rust-resistant.
  • Made from steel hex core, giving the strings more output when used with pickup systems

Another good option for guitar players struggling with sore fingers, the Elixir Nanoweb HD Light features easy playability and an incredible tone. Unlike the traditional string bands, the Elixir Nanoweb HD Light features a protective coating, keeping the strings from accumulating dirt. The strings also feature an anti-rust plating on the plain steel string, guaranteeing longevity. 

Designed and constructed to ensure longevity, the acoustic strings feature phosphor bronze wrap wire with an ultra-thin coating for a more traditionally textured feel, but the strings also boast a dynamic balance of rich and full-bodied tone with a sparkling high-end clarity.

Elixir Nanoweb HD Light Product Overview:

  • Acoustic guitar strings constructed using phosphor bronze wrap wire
  • Features a dynamic balance of rich and full-bodied tone with sparkling high-end clarity
  • Ultra-thin coating provides a perfect texture for better playability

DR Strings is another trusted brand known for manufacturing great musical instruments. The Zebra Acoustic strings provide an exceptional option if you’re looking for strings to provide a more comfortable playing experience on your acoustic guitar. In addition, if you are using an amplifier when you play, the Zebra strings are a perfect choice. They work great on zero pickups under the bridge or the magnetic pickups in the soundhole. These strings are a good pick for a full-sized archtop guitar because they deliver a richer tone. 

The strings are perfectly made to ensure durability and feature a very easy to play experience. The DR Strings Zebra Acoustic will deliver an exceptional and unique performance, as there is no other company manufacturing a similar type of string.

DR Strings Zebra Acoustic Product Overview:

  • Comes in a full set of up to 6 strings
  • Tension rated as ultra light 9-X  
  • Features a mixture of materials
  • Round winding type
  • No other company manufactures similar types of strings.

Why Do I have Sore Fingers?

Sore fingers are an unavoidable reality especially if you are learning to play the guitar. Even an experienced guitarist will suffer sore fingers from time to time, especially when practicing. When you play the guitar, you are plucking a rigid wire that is under tension. At the same time, the wire has a very thin diameter, and you are rubbing that wire on your soft fingers. This necessarily results in sore fingers, which can get painful and affect your ability to keep playing.

Tips for Avoiding Sore Fingers

Are you suffering from sore fingers after hours of playing your guitar? Like we already mentioned above, you may want to consider some of our choices of the best acoustic guitar strings for sore fingers. However, there are other alternative tips to help you prevent sore fingers when playing the guitar. Let’s look at some of the suggestions from veteran guitar players:

Get the right Acoustic Guitar Strings For Sore Fingers 

We’ve already talked about this to some length, but it warrants repeating. It is imperative that you get the right set of guitar strings for your fingers. If the original set of strings is painful, check out the suggestions we have reviewed herein for a quick and efficient solution.

Learn To Avoid Pressing on the Strings So Hard

This is a common practice among acoustic learners. Pressing down the acoustic guitar strings unnecessarily hard is a major cause for sore fingers. Try relaxing your fingers while playing the guitar. All you need to do is make sure that the string is held firmly enough that it contacts the fret appropriately.

Avoid Playing with Wet Hands

So, you came from the bathroom after you washed your hands and you want to pick the guitar for the performance? Consider drying your hands and applying hand lotion to protect the fingers before beginning. Playing the guitar while the calluses are soft will result in sore fingers

Notice Finger Pain Early and Give Time to Heal

When you start to notice any discomfort, just consider giving your fingers time to recover. Many acoustic learners feel so determined to learn quickly that they do not want to stop until they are dealing with an already acute problem. Be kind on your fingers and consider taking a break until your fingers are healed; over time, you will build up the ability to avoid taking so many breaks in the future.

Play Easier Pieces

Playing challenging music may result in sore fingers. Challenging yourself is always a good approach when you want to advance your skills; however, sometimes it will affect your ability to perform in the future. Therefore, keep playing the easier pieces until your fingers get used to the guitar strings. Playing easier music gives you a chance to increase all sorts of skills, while the practice routine is important for improved performance.

Key Takeaways

As you learn to play the guitar, expect to experience sore fingers. It is a challenging experience, but knowing how to deal with the issue helps. Therefore, become more self-aware of the fine details discussed in this article. It’s important to get yourself the best acoustic guitar strings for sore fingers, but do not forget that practicing the tips that we also discussed can make practicing the guitar a more comfortable and pleasant experience.